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Edenorte continues to blow up clients appliances and denies taking responsibility

Due to Edenorte not bothering to establish proper earth connections below their high voltage posts and transformers, by this neglect they cause client meters, inverters and appliances to blow up, especially during lightning storms, or power surges. Clients of Edenorte are infuriated  not only by the replacement cost of inverters and blown appliances, but also with the misleading claims procedure which seems to only waste the clients money and time, while trying to claim compensation for their losses.

When a client attempts to claim compensation, Edenorte  after much pushing will establish a case “Reclamacion”, and usually send out two guys to take pictures and ask questions. These guys will refuse to enter your property unless you sign a form in Spanish with lots of fine print. Now they will tell you, it’s gonna take quite some time as “it’s a process”. Clients then will start asking after a while what’s happening with their claim, upon which they again told to be patient as “its’ a process”. This can repeat itself for months during which no one will tell you exactly where things are at in this so called “Process”.

Some clients have approached “Super Intendencia Profecom” in Puerto Plata, who said they can only help by supplying telephone numbers to Edenorte’s legal department. The legal people within Edenorte also seem skilled at prolonging the pain by hanging up on clients, or placing them on hold till the client gives up trying.

Despite the size of Edenorte, their tactics and irresponsible behavior seem totally similar to any small time con artists, who’s only interested in grabbing money and avoiding giving service, or financial responsibility when called for. Edenorte seems to have an attitude that if they give perception that the refund might be coming while still doing everything possible to drag the case out till the client finally gives up and Edenorte again avoided paying anyone for the damages they caused.

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March 7, 2015

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  1. Samson

    Par for the course. Not many in this country accept responsibility. I am not even sure if the word exists in their language. I would suggest taking them to court but until this country rids itself of corruption that could be a waste of time.

    Recently we had the power switched on off several times within a few minutes. Designed to destroy as much equipment as possible??

    EdenNorte did surprise me once when they replaced a transformer on the lamp post. I was so relieved that I offered some money which was refused.

    What sort of company cuts your cables when you have not paid? Why not paid? No invoice so it slipped my mind. Oh, they only do that to those who do pay.

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