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DR should withdraw Caricom membership bid application

The chairman of the Round Table of Commonwealth Countries in the Dominican Republic, Fernando Gonzalez Nicolas says that the Dominican government should withdraw its membership application to the Community of Caribbean States (Caricom).

In a press release, Gonzalez said the membership does not make political or economic sense for the DR. He said the country is already linked to Caricom in several forums such as Cariforum and the Free Trade Agreement between Caricom and the Dominican Republic.

Gonzalez suggested that the Dominican Republic should design and implement a new international diplomatic initiative to explain Medina administration’s measures for organizing immigration to leaders in the English-speaking Caribbean.

Gonzalez advocated for initiatives to be drawn up in the English language to explain how the DR invests more to benefit Haiti and Haitian immigrants, regardless of their present status, than all of the Caricom countries combined.

Caricom leaders have been very critical of Dominican measures to legalize immigration in the DR, branding them xenophobic and racist. Nevertheless, the same organization has not criticized measures taken in the Bahamas, Trinidad & Tobago and other English-speaking countries to organize their own Haitian immigration, even though many have been more restrictive than those implemented in the Dominican Republic.

He also urged the government to not underestimate the small Caribbean islands, because they act as a block, are well connected internationally and have a voice in international forums where matters of interest for the Dominican Republic are discussed.

Gonzalez concluded by emphasizing the advantages of working towards strengthening links with the country’s neighbors in the English Caribbean.

Source: DR1

March 5, 2015

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