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DR cancels meeting with OAS regarding migratory policy

At a press conference held on Friday, 17 July 2015, Foreign Minister Andres Navarro, speaking for the Dominican government, announced that he would not attend a meeting at the OAS requested by the Secretary General office in protest of the recent statement by Secretary General Luis Almagro that on an island there should not be two countries.

Navarro, with the Minister of Interior and Police Jose Fadul and Minister of the Presidency Gustavo Montalvo and Administrative Minister of the Presidency Jose Ramon Peralta at his side, said that this preposterous statement proves just how out of touch with reality Almagro is and that Almagro is not interested in reporting the facts surrounding the immigration plan being implemented by the Dominican government.

“… after all, it [Hispaniola] is an island, and generally when there is a single island there should not be two countries, but rather only one country, even if it is big island, such as Australia,” Almagro told CNN Espanol in an interview on 13 July 2015, that coincided with the last day of the DR-Haiti OAS mission. Right after making that curious remark, Almagro commented, “This is a small island with two countries, with very different social, economic and political realities.”

Navarro said that the statement shows his ignorance of world political geography, the history of Haiti and the Dominican Republic, and an extreme lack of competence as a top executive of a regional body such as the OAS. Navarro is certain that the ludicrous statements of Almagro is a reflection of the bias that of the report that is being prepared by the OAS, based on the recent visited by the OAS commission to the Dominican Republic and Haiti.

The Foreign Minister called a press conference at the Presidential Palace to reject the recent statement of one island-one country made on interviews with CNN Espanol.

He said that from his days prior to his appointment to the OAS, Almagro was known to have a negative opinion of the Dominican migratory policies. Now, with the new statements, he has proven his lack of credibility and fitness to be the leader of the OAS.

“We have said repeatedly there cannot be dialogue with the Republic of Haiti while the attacks orchestrated by the government of Haiti towards the Dominican Republic are allowed to continue. And given the statements of Luis Almagro, there is no possibility that the OAS can fulfill its role as a fair and just arbitrator in this situation.

Source: DR1, Elpais

July 20, 2015

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