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DR begins international offensive in defense of application of immigration policy

SANTO DOMINGO. The Government began yesterday a strategy of international information in order to explain the success and the extent of the National Plan of Normalization of Foreigners, as well as the deportation process which will be carried out, with the aim of creating awareness regarding all of the process which the authorities are carrying out.

The explanations will be done through meetings with the diplomatic corps of several countries and presentations before international agencies. Yesterday the strategy was implemented in Haiti, where the commission composed of the Deputy Minister of Interior and Police, Washington Gonzalez; the Charge d’ Affairs for Haiti in the Chancellery, Alberto Despradel, and a representative of the Directorate of Migration, who was not identified, reported to the diplomatic corps accredited in Haiti what has been done and what is pending execution.

There will also be a meeting with officials of the Haitian government in order to provide them with information with respect to the process which began 18 months ago and which concluded last 17 June.

Yesterday, President Danilo Medina headed a coordination meeting in his office at the Presidential Palace with the Chancellor, Andres Navarro, the Administrative Minister of the Presidency, José Ramon Peralta; the director of Communications for the Presidency, Roberto Rodriguez Marchena and the director of Strategic Information, Analysis and Programming (DIAPE), Ramon Tejada Holguin.

The Minister of Foreign Relations said that they are putting together an information strategy on the truth of what is happening in the country, so that both diplomats accredited in this country as well as other nations are directly informed by the reports from the Dominican government.

“The Dominican Republic has to show this to the world, to the diplomats in our country, to the diplomatic corps accredited in other countries so that they know the truth because regrettably a series of value judgments have been published against the Dominican Republic that are not based on the real information which we have exhibited in our country and for this reason it is necessary to do everything possible in order to present an adequate program of information,” said Navarro.

He said that there has been a massive process of normalization of immigrants in the country with great respect for human rights which the authorities must show to the world in order that they can know the truth because they are making value judgments against the Dominican Republic which are not based on facts.

He said that what they want is for all the sectors of the country such as the civil society, the business sector and other sectors, to join in this effort, because it is not only the government that should provide real information. He said that also Dominican society which is been the witness to what has been done by President Danilo Medina regarding the treatment of the immigrants should also be added to the cause.

He reported that the true information is being issued by the competent agencies of the country by means of the embassies and that they will be transmitted in Spanish, English, French and other languages.


The deportations have still not begun and already the country begins to receive attacks such as the call for a tourist boycott suggested by the Mayor of New York, Bill De Blasio, or the oft-repeated accusation of racism against the Haitians which the former president of CARICOM, Ralph Gonsalves issued. The Chancellor responded to these accusations saying: “Whoever wants to be serious in the real expressions regarding any country has to first know the reality of this country. In our case what we are doing is trying to get them to know what has been done.”

Source: DiarioLibre

June 25, 2015

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