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Dominicans don’t trust the police, they fear it

Santo Domingo.- Among the many reasons why Dominican Republic is among the countries with highest perception of insecurity is the citizens’ lack of confidence in the National Police, because rather than feel protected, “the mere police presence makes people feel threatened.”

Political scientist Daniel Pou said that’s why the country’s crime statistics have so many undercurrent. “The people avoid going to file complaints on issues involving police because everyone loses in the end.”

Interviewed Sunday on Antena Latina, Channel 7, Pou called police consistently dysfunctional and considers itself a power above society, forces citizens to seek protection from it since they feel that that institution threatens them instead.

How to reverse reality? The political scientist reiterated that laws don’t revert the lack of confidence in police, state policies do.

Source: DT

July 20, 2015

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  1. Alexa

    If there is another way to solve Problems verybody will avoid to Contact the Police. Without paying “un Regalo” nothing is going ahead. Forget it for now hoping one day it will be better

  2. Samson

    If you think that they are going to catch criminals – forget it.

    Local police armed in plain clothes is not a good idea. How do we know who is police and who is a criminal? Oh sorry, silly question.

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