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Dominican women spend 12% their income on beauty

American anthropologist Gerald F. Murray and Dominican sociologist Marina Ortiz say their research on beauty salons in the Dominican Republic reveals that Dominican women give high priority to their looks, regardless of their income level. The beauty culture is so strong, that the study found that on average Dominican women invest 12% of their earnings in beauty.

The researchers say that for Dominican women looking good is part of their mystic. Investing in the care of hair, hands and feet are part of the Dominican woman’s routine, regardless of socio-economic status.

A poll carried out by the Dominican Beauty Cluster in 2013 on the frequency Dominican women go to beauty salon revealed that 84% say once a week, 10% every week weeks, 3% twice a week, 2% once a month, and 1% at least every three months.

Murray and Ortiz recently published the book, “Pelo bueno, pelo malo” that focuses on the beauty salon culture. The book reveals there are around 55,000 beauty salons throughout the country. This is in addition to separate shops that just deal with hand care and luxury spas.

The book reveals that in these types of small business, beauty shops are second only to corner grocery stores (colmados).

At the low end, the cost of a salon visit can range from RD$150 for a hair wash and dry, while a manicure and pedicure can range between RD$200 and RD$300. The authors of the study estimate ladies in lower income brackets will still spend up to RD$800 a month on beauty treatments.

But up the socio-economic ladder, on average visit to the beauty salon will cost RD$400-RD$500, manicure and pedicure another RD$300 to RD$400, dying hair will cost RD$2,000. This means, an upper middle class woman may spend at least RD$6,000 a month in the beauty salon.

In addition, the beauty salon culture supports a huge personal care product industry. There are 65 labs that manufacture hair and cosmetic products, and over 150 companies that sell beauty products. Many of these companies are now exporting their products to salons in the United States and Europe.

Source: DR1, Elcaribe

Oct 30, 2015

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