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Dominican town fears coal plants will make their region a ‘valley of death’

Bani, Dominican Republic.- Dozens of Peravia province community leaders and agro organizations picketed and chanted slogans in Paya township (south) during more than two hours Thursday morning, demanding access to piped water, public works and services, and against the coal-fired plants at Punta Catalina, which they warn could turn their region into the “valley of death.”

Speaking at the rally Peravia business and community leaders Juan Bayona, Wilton Perez and Hector Turbi, among others, said their community has grown tired with the provincial officials’ repeated failure to fulfill promises.

They said despite the government’s RD$70 million disbursement to rebuild the Valdesia-Nizao irrigation canals within 30 days, the work is only 30% complete “when they’ve already spent 70% of that money in just five months.”

They said despite Peravia senator Wilton Guerrero’s announcement on April 15 that US$27 million was allocated to build an aqueduct and conclude it by February 2016, nothing has been done.

Coal-fired plants

The organizations also note that despite opposition to the coal-fired plants at Punta Catalina expressed by the people of Bani and adjacent towns, the work continues, “even if it turns Peravia into the valley of death.”

They accuse the government of failing to fulfill the promise to build the beltway, the construction of the university campus and the levy at the Bani river, and of letting farmers go bankrupt by the drought and debts.

Among the leaders and activists who took part in the activity figured the Federación de Campesinos Banilejos (FECABA), de la Federación de Organizaciones Comunitarias, del Bloque Popular de Baní, del Comité de Defensa y Desarrollo de Paya (CDEPA), de la filial de la Asociación Dominicana de Profesores (ADP).

Also presen in the press conference were the Sindicato de Camioneros de Baní, Cooperativa Agropecuaria y Servicios Múltiples de Nizao, Bloque de Organizaciones de Productores de la Zona Norte, Federación de Juntas de Vecinos de Baní,  Comité para la Defensa de la Salud, el Medio Ambiente y la Agropecuaria de la Provincia Peravia, among others.

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July 10, 2015

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