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Dominican claims to have a son of Hugo Chavez

SANTO DOMINGO Dominican Teresa Nunez claims that her son Luis Manuel Núñez is the son of the late President of Venezuela Hugo Rafael Chavez Frias.

The man claiming to be the son of Hugo Chavez tells living in uncertainty and want to end their nightmare, because for more than four decades, he did not know who his father was, and in 2011 his mother, Teresa Nunez, revealed that he was the son of then president of Venezuela, Hugo Rafael Chávez Frías.

Luis Manuel Núñez says he believes his mother. When his mother told him that Chavez was his father, he prepared an old suitcase to go to Venezuela, but had to draw his passport, then he gave up because they had no contact for Chavez, but still hoped to meet the family of the late President Chavez.
The alleged son of the ex president of Venezuela, grew up in Nagua, where he completed his primary education, then moved to Santo Domingo, to begin school.
He said that he was struck by the death of Venezuelan President and had never tried to send a message to relatives to let them know of their existence, but stated that his mother had already sent many letters and messages to them.
Luis Manuel, who is a public car driver, tells that there are many people who tell him that he looks like Hugo Chavez and has therefore asked some relatives if they really believe he would be the son of the late Venezuelan president.
Although he says he believes his mother and resemblance to Hugo Chavez, Luis Manuel is clear that so far everything is only a speculation and should be confirmed via a DNA test.

For her part Teresa Núñez, Luis Manuel’s mother says she spent a night with Chavez and explains that “Gollo” Chavez decides to leave for Venezuela.
The woman didn’t specify a date and says it was only after the war.
Teresa remembers that she had left the place where he met Chavez, the owner of a bar.
When she was five months pregnant she decided to go give birth in Nagua, she did not have any hope of seeing the father of her child. Until 2005, she lived in Curacao, saw Chávez on television in a demonstration and immediately said “that’s the father of my son.”
In 2011 when she saw that Chavez was sick she decided to go to Venezuela and immediately went to the Venezuelan consulate in Curacao, where they guided on how to get to the Palacio de Miraflores.
Teresa says her letter must be on file with Chavez, but regrets that they were never responded.
The lady was careful not to divulge why he wanted to see Chavez to prevent the opposition to use this issue against the late president.
Teresa says she is to blame for that Chavez has not met his son and says that what happened was not the responsibility of the deceased president.
This information has been aired on TV by the journalist William Rodriguez, on Super Channel.
Source: Detras del Rumor
March 3, 2015

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