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District Attorney of DN and the Police investigate fortunes of drivers’ union leaders

SANTO DOMINGO. The District Attorney of the National District and the National Police reported yesterday that they are investigating on charges of money laundering several leaders of syndicates that represent public transportation drivers and who exhibit fortunes that they cannot justify. The same syndicates are alleged to have a criminal structure that carries out several crimes, including murders – for – hire and that are said to have committed five murders.

Without entering into details, the District Attorney, Yeni Berenice Reynoso, indicated that the investigations carried out as a result of the murders of several drivers who work in public transportation, which have occurred over the last months, led the authorities to look into other types of crimes, including money laundering.

“The Justice Department and the Police are convinced about activities which these syndicates or unions have been carrying out and their leaders have accumulated fortunes from the illicit activities on which, later on, we will provide details,” the District Attorney promised.

The statement was made during a joint press conference together with the chief of the Police, Manuel Castro Castillo, and in which the Attorney General of the Republic, Francisco Dominguez Brito, briefly took part.

Castro Castillo insisted that the city Council member for the municipality of Pedro Brand, Erinson De los Santos Solis, arrested on Tuesday during a search of his house, leads an organized crime structure which carries out killings-for-hire.

This councilmember, who has ties to the National Unity of Transportation and Associates (UNTRAFIN), might be the person responsible for the double murder of drivers which occurred in the middle of January. The Police indicate that some of the shell casings collected at the crime scene where the members of the New Order National Federation of Transportation (Fenatrano) Overnis Guerrero and Angel Javier, were murdered in the Mejoramiento Social sector last 17 January, match those collected in a colmado in West Santo Domingo, where another member of Fenatrado, Vladimir Estarlin Martinez, was killed.

Marte is in agreement

The president of the National Confederation of Transport (CONATRA) Antonio Marte said that he was in agreement with the authorities investigating the union leaders, but he asked them not to judge everybody together.

He said that the fortunes shown by some syndicate leaders is not from money laundering or drug trafficking, but rather from a Mafia that exists between them to the prejudice of the public transportation drivers.

“I want them to take the investigations deeper, so that everything is cleared up and the source of the fortune that is shown by some union leaders is established,” he said.

Marte said that “some of us handle our affairs with business criteria, others do not, but I want you to know that a union does not provide enough to pay security.”

The president of CONATRA explained that the cases of assassinations are motive for worry among the union leaders.

Source: DiarioLibre

February 6, 2015

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