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Deputy Graciela Fermín demands to eliminate illegal departure tax

PUERTO PLATA,  Deputy Graciela Fermín Noesi, claimed from President Danilo Medina and Tourism Ministry the elimination of charging an illegal tax that foreigners have to pay when leaving the Dominican Republic, the tax was set by Immigration department via Memorandum.

The lawmaker complained on the Puerto Plata television program “Todo Incluido” – overstay from one day to three months – the departure tax of RD$ 1,500 must be paid, and it goes up to RD$70,000.00.

“I do not know how we are going to get Haitians to pay RD $ 70,000.00 to leave the country.”
This tax collection is a pure abuse, and it generates many negative comments about the country.
“You think, a tourist is buying an expensive ticket to come to the Dominican Republic to spend their hard earned money and to enjoy  a good time, on the way out of the country they are supposed to want to re-visit the country in the future, BUT… the departure tax is a total abuse.” – said Fermin Noesi.
She alleged that foreigners come to invest in this country, but the government  is penalizing their stay in the country, which is a great abuse and illegal, because that tax is not covered by any law.
In the residential areas there is a paper circulating with a table full of various amounts referred to tax fines for overstay of foreigners in DR. “But it turns out that is not approved in any law, only through a resolution, and it was not passed to the Congress.

The representative of Puerto Plata Chamber of Deputies reported that the foreigners who are charged this tax are not given any receipt showing the payment of that hidden tax.
“A family of four at General Gregorio Luperon International Airport was charged RD $ 2,500.00 each; these people wept and pleaded, but had to pay the tax and were not handed the receipt for this, looks like the country is a jungle,” she said.
Fermín Noesi asked, “Is this a kind of practice we are encouraging tourism and foreign investment? When a foreigner pays, the tourist card is left in his/her passport, so on the way out its clear how long they stayed in the country. “
“Tourists come with a stamp in a passport, immigration authorities have the intention to make it digital, they will no longer stamp the passports. What sort of jungle country is this? That is not the country, President Danilo Medina spoke about on February 27th”.

Source: Detras Del Rumor
March 20, 2015

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  1. Samson

    You are absolutely correct Deputy Graciela. It has also gone from 3 months to 30 days and now some swinging taxes. Even worse is the fact that tourists are not told in advance. A rather unpleasant habit in this country of surprising people with a bill once they are entrapped.

    Most people budget ahead and know what they need to pay. In this instance they have no idea. Surely we want visitors to have a good experience and return or am I missing something?

  2. boomer

    I have been coming down for years with my wife I can tell you that many people I have spoken to will be going to other countries to vacation and spend there money. Once the damage is done it will be difficult to get them back, They should reverse this decision. I know I will ask for my receipt when I leave Puerto Plata

  3. Satin Peach

    We have been coming here for 7 years (6 months at a time) and with the raise in this “fee” and our dollar dropping so badly (Canadian) We are truly considering going elsewhere were we are not hoodwinked when we leave. Lots of places with ocean waters and sun and sand that do not charge you when you leave. This well might be the last year for us as 3 – 9 months the charge is 4000 RD / person (Cdn. right now that is $133.33 Cdn. / person AND we have heard that June this year it will be increased again. and that by Nov this yr we might see it triple again. SOOOO too rich for our blood and our budget. We can go elsewhere for less money and the same enjoyment.

  4. Peterthehammer98

    You really think it’s unreasonable to pay a $100USD tax after staying here for 6 – 9 months? It blows me away to hear that people are changing their travel plans over $100 for stays over 3 months.

    Are these the same people complaining about the poor roads, lack of police force, etc. when they don’t even wanna chip in with some tax?

    If $100 is killing your 6 month trip, I am guessing you aren’t spending much in the DR along the way.

  5. Satin Peach

    Peterthehammer98 it isn’t just 100US its $133.33 / person so $266.66 just to leave AFTER paying 28% taxes while here and our rent is also transferred to Cdn funds OUR dollar is killing us along with the new rates, and if it is tripled as we’ve heard we are looking at $800 (or more depends on our dollar) to leave??? IF our dollar drops more? then nope won’t be here. ITs a culmination. We are seniors and on a budget. Not everyone has that kind of money in their budget JUST to LEAVE the country. We support the economy while here paying gringo prices, which is fine but to be hit when you leave why? Take a look at the entire picture here.

  6. Wayne

    My wife and I left from El Catey, on march 24 th. 2015. We had been in the D.R. for 57 days. They were charging us 2500 peso each. not 1500 as stated in the news feed. I was not prepared to pay the full amount as I had never heard of this. Before leaving Canada for the D.R. I did verify the the costs and all I saw was the possibility of being charged the extra time in the D.R. based on the $10 fee per 30 day period. I ended up paying $100 dollars Canadian for both. I told the agent that we had a problem because that is all I had left. He accepted the money and let us leave. No receipt was given. I find that this is not a very nice way to treat people who just spent $6000 in the D.R. I think I will seriously reconsider before going back there. This was my fourth time in the D.R. for the winter months.

  7. dpicco

    I am one of those people that are a little off side with the high exit tax and i can assure that bonehead who mentioned the $100 could be killing my trip i can tell you i spent way over $10 grand on this lovely island for my 3 month stay and had a blast doing it…… I wonder what you may have spent before opening up your trap ..the exit tax amount should be made clear to all who visit or at least to the travel agents who book trips longer than 30 days.

  8. dpicco

    Has there been any action in removing this illegal tax on Visitors to the DR as of yet? Who can we e-mail and get some answers? does anyone out there have a direct e-mail address that can be contacted?

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