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Debate on presidential reelection exacerbates contradictions in the PLD

SD. The issue of the presidential reelection has generated contradictions inside the Dominican Liberation Party (PLD) between those that argue for the return to power of former President Leonel Fernandez and those who carry the standard to extend the mandate of Danilo Medina.

Three Senators all agreed yesterday with the judicial advisor to the Executive Power Cesar Pina Toribio that time has run out for a possible re-nomination.

Upon being consulted regarding this position, Senator Wilton Guerrero, who favors Danilo Medina, considered the reelection efforts to be improper due to the fact that the President himself has no intentions of aspiring to repeat in this position.

At the same time, Senator Rafael Calderon, who supports Reinaldo Pared Perez to be the presidential candidate of the PLD, agreed with Pina Toribio, due to the fact that time is needed in order to modify the Constitution, and to achieve the internal as well as external consensus of the party.

And Senator Francis Vargas, of the Leonel Fernandez tendency, recalled that when he (Fernandez) was the President he could have modified the Constitution in order to be reelected and he did not do it, so that he feels that this should be a tradition.

For Ramon Ventura Camejo, one of the promoters of the reelection, said that although he respects any other considerations, he feels they are dealing with an issue of political will with regard to recognizing the high level of appreciation of Medina.

Also Gonzalo Castillo, supports this version, and assured reporters that time has not run out for reelection as long as “the people know it and feel like this, because of this 77% call for the modification (of the Constitution) that would permit the reelection of this extraordinary President.”

Regarding this aspect, Gedeon Santos noted that “when the people want their sovereignty they go and take it. And I believe that there is always the need to make a space in order to comply with the will of the people.”

The PLD leader assured reporters, in addition, that all the surveys reveal that the Dominican people desire the reelection of President Danilo Medina.

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