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Deadline for Naturalization Plan expires; government does not announce extension

SANTO DOMINGO. Yesterday the deadline expired for the descendents of foreigners born in the country to register under the protection of Law 169 – 14 regarding the Special Regime of Naturalization. With some 7500 persons registered as of Friday, the Ministry of Interior and Police explained that in order for there to be another extension, as has been requested by several organizations, it has to be done through the National Congress.

“We have carried out all the procedures that had to be done (…..) The Haitian nationals understand that their government did not supply them with the papers, and this is the case that escapes our control; if it is like that then they are never going to supply the papers and this process would be of great inconvenience,” said the deputy minister of Interior and Police, Washington Gonzalez.

At the end of October 2014, when they had received a few more than 3000 applications, the Senate approved a proposal submitted by President Danilo Medina to extend for 90 days the deadline granted by Law 169 – 14, which establishes a special regime for it persons born in the national territory and improperly registered in the Civil Registry.

The children of foreigners that are normalized according with the National Plan of Normalization of Foreigners who are in an irregular immigration status could opt for ordinary naturalization.

Until yesterday, the government had not announced any intention to extend the deadline, while Interior and Police records show that more than 60% that went to the office is prepared over the weekend, went there for the National Plan of Normalization.

Gonzalez attributes this to confusion. In the office that was set up in Los Palmares, in Sabana Perdida, in North Santo Domingo, supervisor Luis Fernandez explained to a Haitian, that he could not enter the Naturalization Plan because his birth had been registered in Haiti, and in this case he should seek the Normalization Plan.

Although yesterday was the last day, and in this office and another two that were opened in the capital, the affluence of foreigners, in the majority Haitians, was low. Berliza Rodriguez, the supervisor of the center of attention which functions in the Governmental Offices, attributed this to the fact that the people have the expectation that an extension will be granted.

And also there is the dilemma of the lack of papers which should be issued by the Haitian embassy in Santo Domingo. “A lot of children are going to be left out who have been born in Dominican territory and not because of the fault of the program (….), but because of the delay in the delivery of the documents which has to be done by the Haitian Embassy,” assured Miguel Batista, of the National Immigration Roundtable.

Supervisor Rodriguez indicated that among the inconveniences which present themselves most frequently to the applicants are their identification and their proof of Live Birth. “In the hospitals, they (the mothers) go and give any name, then, when you go to see about a birth certificate they come with another type of document that is not in their real name,” she said.

In spite of the stumbling blocks, Dinorah Feliz was in line with a 16-year-old daughter. The day before, she was able to register another two of her children. She was positive. With the same attitude at her side was Maritza Laprovence, who has 5 children. It was the first time that she was going to go through the process.

Starting on 15 June, those that did not enter the process of normalization of their immigration status, will have to return to their own countries. This was reiterated by Deputy Minister Gonz├ílez, who denied that this will happen starting with the expiration of the deadline of the Naturalization Plan, as some international NGOs had announced. “There is a presidential decree which prohibits any type of deportation during the process of all these immigration management processes which we are carrying out,” he said.

Source: DiarioLibre

February 2, 2015

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