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Danilo will seek new term

In his speech the President only referred to the constitutional reform and the achievements of his administration

SANTO DOMINGO. President Danilo Medina announced last night that if he receives the firm backing of the Dominican Liberation Party (PLD) and the support of the majority of Dominicans, he will aspire to a new presidential term of office, although he said that he will make the announcement at an opportune time.

As he gave a speech through a network of communication media, the President expressed yesterday that he wants wanted to announce was his “renewed disposition to continue fighting for more profound and positive changes in favor of our country.”

He said that what attracts him in the hypothetical case that he were to be reelected, is the possibility of strengthening the changes that “we are making in our country.”

“We might have before us four more years, that would permit us to consolidate the educational transformation which is now underway, and assure us that it will be irreversible,” said the President.

With an energetic tone, in his speech Medina continued citing that he would continue doing in four years of a new administration the work in the health system, and Social Security, in the support of producers and farmers, in the tourism sector, as well as the trips into the countryside with his surprise visits, the credit to entrepreneurs through the Banca Solidaria, and continue the expansion of the 911 system.

He cited, in addition, that he would continue the construction of infrastructure required for the development of production, and that he would maintain the macroeconomic stability with low inflation.

“Definitely, we would have four years more in order to guarantee that nothing and no one could turn back everything that we have conquered together,” he indicated.

Reform defended

President Medina defended the legitimacy of the “free and sovereign decision of the National Congress to reform the Constitution,” in order that starting now, any president can try for reelection.

Regarding this process, he said with satisfaction that democracy, institutionalism and consensus have taken presidence and that “we have assisted in an organized process in accordance to the laws that govern us.” Medina argued that if they speak about legitimacy, it is worthwhile to point out that the new text of the Constitution was massively approved by the principal political forces of the country, which he noted, were the same ones which in the last elections received 98% of the votes of the Dominican people.

In this sense he thanked in the name of the Dominican people, all the parties for the orderly and democratic manner in which this reform process was carried out. “But I want to give emphasis on addressing a special recognition to all the comrades of the Dominican Liberation Party, because our party has demonstrated, once again, that it is up to the historic task, and that it has the political leadership capable of directing the destiny of the country.

He extended the recognition to the leadership of the Dominican Revolutionary Party, to the Social Christian Reformist Party and to the other Allied forces, to the Senators and deputies for the support which they gave this reform.

“I feel happy and confident to be in the Presidency at the moment that the powers that be in our nation decided to promote this change, which puts us on an equal footing with the greatest democracies of the world,” said Medina.

He said, in addition, that this also increases the weight of his responsibility to act in the next election process in the most balanced, fair, honest and transparent manner possible.

Accompanied with caution

Medina said that he accompanied with caution and care the debate, and the delivery of the constitutional amendment regarding reelection, and that at no time did he stimulate or accelerate the process, and that when he was consulted by his comrades of the PLD or by representatives of civil society, he maintained a balanced and impartial position.

“But if it was not in me to stimulate this process, neither was it in me to stop it, since it sprang from a popular and deep desire,” said the President.

Medina said that this was what he saw reflected in the surveys, what he heard on the streets and what he listened to from representatives of all the sectors of society: businessmen, workers, academics, intellectuals, artists, politicians, women, young men and women, the elderly and religious leaders. “For us, therefore, reelection instead of meaning an institutional step backwards, is a step forward and a perfection in of democracy,” he emphasized, after which he said that those who said that introducing reelection is to benefit the current administration were wrong.

The reaction to the speech by DM activates the social networks

the social network Twitter was very active regarding the speech by President Danilo Medina last night. An hour before starting the transmission the hashtag #DiscursoDANILO was found in first place in Twitter Trending Topics among users in the Dominican Republic.

The first reactions were from José Ramon Peralta, the Administrative Minister of the Presidency, and Gustavo Montalvo, both government officials.

“@DaniloMedina elects to continue with a project for the country, sacrificing his political future. Responsible leadership! #DaniloMas #DiscursoDanilo,” said one of their messages over the social network.

At the same time Montalvo wrote in one of his messages: “I am convinced there is no other leader capable of guiding the DR and carrying out these transformations to a happy ending than @DaniloMedina #Discurso Danilo.”

In the meantime Luis Abinader, the presidential candidate for the PRM, said: “The people deserve to be addressed with candor. Too many questions for such poor content.”

In a message previous to this one, Abinader said that: “Working day and night to present solutions, not words with background music when there are so many problems.”

Divided opinions on the issue of presidential reelection

José Ramon Peralta – Administrative Minister of the Presidency

On Twitter: “Reelection in is a continual institutional advancement for the country. Eight years and no more!” A second message: “The reform was approved by the parties which receive 98% of the votes of the Dominican people in 2012.”

Bernardo Vega – Economist and historian

“Perhaps it would have been a little inconvenient to deal with the Haitian issue, because it is a controversial issue. He inherited this problem (….) Those agreements of the PLD, this reform in the Congress, how much time remains for the PLD? We do not know. I think it was untimely.

Vinicio Castillo Seman – FNP deputy

“He is the one who has pushed all this, and regrettably has damaged institutionalism of the Dominican Republic. Only four presidents have done what President Medina has done now: Lilis, Ulises Heureauz; Buenaventura Baez, Pedro Santana and Hipolito Mejia.”

José Carlos Nazario – Political strategist

“What this is all about is not how the reform was approved, which is important, but above all we are talking about what there is behind this reform, that there is an end to the cycle and to a series of practices very much in the framework of cronyism.”

Source: DiarioLibre

June 18, 2015

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