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Customers are raging at mediocre service from company Telecable Puerto Plata

PUERTO PLATA A large segment of people living in Puerto Plata are casting sparks by poor service continuously provided by Tecable Puerto Plata.
Concerned citizens make a “call to executives of Telecable Puerto Plata to resolve this disastrous service that does not work and people can not watch TV, because the signal captured on the TVs in homes, looks like a caricature”.
Complaints from users of the cable company, in addition to various local radio and television also circulate in the social network Facebook. e.g. Neuly Almonte, expressed the following message: “I take from here then to report that in Los Olivas it took a week without signal and the bill running … I was sent to check the box, I did… so the ¬†fault was there…”
Wendy Cortez said “once again demonstrates Telecable Puerto Plata lousy service they provide to users, which is already abusive that a person last a week without cable service, but has to pay for these days, while executives of that company apparently made fun of these people with bad service, you will be buying an expensive box of them gets paid the most expensive bill when days arrive Cutting they automatically charge you the sum of RD $ 300.00 without words and without verifying the days you were without service. “
Complaints about cable problem to the citizens of Puerto Plata, is that however this service is paid dearly every month, as the ladies do not eat story with their telenovelas and the knights are faithful to their sports programs and news but the worst thing is that representatives of Telecable Puerto Plata do not show their faces and disrespectfully do not answer the office phone to hear claims.
Source: Puerto Plata Digital
February 26, 2015

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