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Criminals have killed 19 police and wounded 74 this year

EAST SANTO DOMINGO. In the first four months and 12 days of this year, criminals have shot and killed 19 police who were on duty and wounded 74. This means more than three police were murdered each month and more than 14 were injured per month.

This horrifying figure is far beyond that of 2014, went over this same time span 12 members of the force were killed and 48 had been wounded.

Yesterday the Chief of Police, Major General Manuel Castro Castillo mentioned that among those killed this year where Sergeant Nilo Perez Jaquez, and private Jeffrey Morillo Lachapelle, both shot and killed by a Sergeant of the Dominican Armada on Saturday night while they were patrolling around the Columbus Lighthouse.

Nevertheless, the police chief said that all those these deaths and injuries produce grief and strike at the police force, “we wish to reiterate to the pack of criminals, that they are not going to intimidate us, none of these attacks will be subject to indifference or impunity, they will pay for their crimes” and he added, “you can be sure that each drop of blood shed by the police agents in the fulfillment of their duty, fertilizes even more the profound commitment that all of us who decide to accept this difficult, dangerous and poorly compensated task of being a policeman have embraced.” Castro Castillo express these feelings after distributing 40 new apartments in the residential area for police located at Kilometer 17 of the Las Americas Highway.

“This new contribution of 40 decent housing units for 40 families of deserving members of the police force, significantly contributes to improve the living conditions of our members, their wives and children, because they are houses located in a really secure environment, and belong to a community that is appropriate for a harmonious social life,” said the chief of police as he gave the keynote speech of the activity.

He said that the beneficiaries are 40 families of noncommissioned officers and enlisted personnel who were chosen under a rigorous criteria process.

The apartments that were presented consist of a living room, dining room, three bedrooms, a balcony, a kitchen with its cabinets, a laundry area and bathroom. In addition the residential area has paved the streets, sidewalks and gutters, electricity, water, storm drains and a water treatment plant.

Among those receiving the apartments were Gettrudys Martinez, the widow of Sergeant Nilo Perez Jaquez, Maria Alejandra Beriguete Ramirez, the widow of corporal José Jean Carlos, killed by criminals, and warrant officer Jacqueline Tejeda Martinez, the widow of second Lieutenant Tonny Terrero.

Source: DiarioLibre

May 13, 2015

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