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Complaint about cost increase for documentation legalization

Dominican Notary Association president Pedro Rodriguez Montero has called on Mariano German, president of the Supreme Court of Justice and Attorney General Francisco Dominguez Brito to explain to the Legislative Chambers and the country why they have increased the fees for legalizing documents and created taxes without going through Congress in the proper manner.

Rodriguez Montero accused them of being the first to oppose judicial security and to unilaterally approve unprecedented increases in the notaries’ service tariffs.

He pointed out that the Attorney General’s office had produced a document that established a “tax” of RD$600 and RD$500 for notary and legal certificates and for divorce decrees which are legalized by the signatures of notaries, judicial interpreters and representatives of the Public Prosecution Office.

The Supreme Court has also implemented a fee of RD$500 for issuing certificates from notaries, protocol depositions and data registration.

Rodriguez Montero complained that the Supreme Court had increased the price by RD$300 for issuing certificates for swearing in lawyers, registering notaries, registering properties and other items for those who are part of the judicial process such as bailiffs, judicial interpreters and the like.

Recently, Congress passed Law 140-15 that considerably increases the requirements and cost of notarizing documents to favor the association of public notaries.

Source: DR1, Almomento

Dec 2, 2015

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