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Commanding general of the Army says they have to organize the frontier area

SANTO DOMINGO. The Commanding General of the Army of the Dominican Republic says that among his projects is the organization of the Dominican – Haitian frontier, beginning by expanding the four stations (ports) that serve for entering and leaving.

Major General José Eugenio Matos de la Cruz explained that with instructions from Lieutenant General Maximo William Muñoz Delgado, he has begun to take actions such as building new checkpoints and reinforcing the entire frontier line.

He said that each frontier brigade has more than 1000 men and that with the start of Operation Shield they are sending an extra 500 men, as well as new vehicles, such as trucks, pickups, and motorcycles, that have joined in the patrolling of the area.

During the month of January, the members of the Army of the Dominican Republic, managed to stop the entry of 26,000 Haitians that tried to cross the border illegally into the country; “nearly 1000 Haitians per day.”

In a visit to the office of the director of the Diario Libre, Adriana Miguel Tejada, Matos de la Cruz said that the watch on the frontier has been reinforced.

He explained that two Tucano aircraft from the Air Force as well as members of the Army are taking part in patrols 24 hours a day.

The high ranking officer said that they are making efforts in order to avoid that illegals penetrate Dominican territory and he added that there are posts on each side of the frontier.

He recalled that the Cesfront is stationed at the different entry ports, but that the Army is charged with taking care of the frontier area.

Yesterday, the 2nd Brigade of the Army delivered to the Directorate of Immigration 161 Haitians who tried to penetrate Dominican territory.

Likewise, the 3nd Brigade of the Army delivered 42 (Haitians), the 4th Brigade, 357, and the 5th Brigade 16, “as of today we have a total of 26,000 Haitians returned to Haiti.”

“There is something that I want the people to know. We are equipped to take care of the border. The President has given us all the support through the Ministry of Defense and we are going to resolve the border issues, but we also need the collaboration of everyone,” he said.

He revealed that now the Haitians stone the Dominican patrols, “something that never happened before.” “The Haitian before was more docile, although he is still not aggressive,” he concluded.

Improvement of the life of the soldier

In order to improve the life of the soldier on the frontier, Major General José Eugenio Matos de la Cruz said that they are distributing food rations and a daily per diem in cash, as well as a considerable increase in fuel allowances in order that the patrols are constant.

As part of the border security, Matos de la Cruz said that the project of using security cameras will be reinforced and for this, he is in contact with a service provider, with the aim of reaching agreements that permit the expansion and guaranteeing the proper functioning of these cameras.

“We have a situation and it is that the signals of our companies do not reach the deepest parts of the frontier, such as the International Highway, but we are making efforts to correct this,” he said.

Matos de la Cruz said that he has in his portfolio the plan to create conditions so that the checkpoints along the frontier speed up their work and this work will be carried out according to the laws and without mistreating the illegal immigrants.

More about the meeting

The Commanding General of the Army of the Dominican Republic (ERD), Major General José Eugenio Matos de la Cruz, revealed that he intends to create a school of higher education which will seek to train Dominican soldiers. He said that the school in question will function inside the Army itself and he added that for this he has advanced conversations with the Minister of Higher Education, Science and Technology. The high ranking officer indicated that the installation of the school will serve to have soldiers that are better trained to serve society with another mindset.

Source: DiarioLibre

February 4, 2015

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