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CODIA asks Public Works to study the Samana Highway

SD. The Dominican College of Engineers, Architects and Surveyors (CODIA) requested that the Ministry of Public Works carry out a thorough study of the Juan Pablo II Highway, also known as the Santo Domingo – Samana Highway and the Northeast Expressway, given the constant accidents which they say are produced on this road.

The professional syndicate made their petition after a technical commission from CODIA visited that Highway yesterday.

In a press release, CODIA recognized the importance of this Highway which joins Greater Santo Domingo with the Northeast of the country. Nonetheless, they considered that “it has vertical and horizontal curves that are very tight, and also that the slopes (cuts) on some stretches are very vertical.”

The reasons for this “very restricted geometric design,” says the CODIA attributing this statement to their president, engineer José Espinoza, could be due to the fact that they were trying to preserve the natural reserve of Los Haitises “and the costs that a more ample geometric design would involve.”

They said that this situation of the layout limits velocity “and, many times, also the visibility and that the conductors have to adjust to the kilometers per hour established, which is no more than the design velocity, and that if these limits are passed on the horizontal curves, the vehicles tend to leave their lanes, due to the centrifugal force, and crashing into another which is coming the other way or going off the road.”

They indicated that to this situation they have to add the constant violations by the drivers of the transit laws.

It sucks up the subsidy

Over the last four years, the State has paid RD$7.949 billion to this expressway – more than it cost – for what is called “the shadow toll” in order to cover the financial goals of the company which has the concession, an average of RD$5.4 million per day.

The contract signed in 2001 with the concessionaire Autopistas del Nordeste C. por A., 0which has the administration for 30 years, establishes a minimum guaranteed income which the state should assume when the numbers of vehicles using Expressway are low and they do not reach the estimated toll -income.

Source: DiarioLibre

July 1, 2015

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