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CNN Spanish defines Puerto Plata as a worth visiting destination

PUERTO PLATA The approaching 2016 will be a litmus test for those who direct the re-positioning of Puerto Plata as a tourist destination, a resort town that locals in the Dominican Republic proudly call  ”Bride of the Atlantic”. Now it begins to regain the splendor that it once had trying to win back tourists.

This assessment is conducted by a journalist, Alban Zamora, in a major report for CNN Spanish, published on December 2, 2015, which highlights the potential of the province of Puerto Plata, located in the northern Dominican Republic , which has more than 30 kilometers of beaches and a wide range of hotels, but its main attraction is its historic sights for being one of the first cities founded in Latin heritage.

These factors once made this province the first Caribbean tourist destination in 1971, according to Zamora. Deputy Minister of Tourism of the northern region; July Almonte, acknowledged that despite the great tourist, historical and cultural potential, gradually Puerto Plata has been losing strength to attract foreigners, and later the Dominican Republic came up with other tourist destinations such as Punta Cana and Bavaro with new hotels and modern infrastructure, much better than Puerto Plata.

Almonte points out that at the present time due to the efforts of the government, Puerto Plata is working on putting that “lag” behind, because local authorities have launched a “re-engineering” of the city and this is seen in some historical architectures being reconstructed, and adding new public places such as an amphitheater for up to 6000 people, which is set to be opened this December with a concert of Juan Luis Guerra, considered one of the most distinguished musicians of the island .

Another development has been the Amber Cove Cruise Port which was opened in October 2015 with an investment of 85 million dollars from the company Carnival Cruises Lines and has already received thousands of cruise passengers, which is a breakthrough for the coast.

“We’ve had 30 years of hospitality experience, service, to analyze our weaknesses to prepare and  succeed once again. Now we can position ourselves to ensure that we can create a tourist boom “, emphasizes Deputy Minister of Tourism.
“We are having the highest number of tours sold on the boats. Nearly 60 to 70 percent of passengers are taking a tour and those numbers I have not seen in other ports”, Negron said in his interview to CNN Spanish reporter, comparing the DR with other parts of the region that receive cruises.

Reiterates that next year will be a test for those who lead the re-positioning of Puerto Plata, and tourism officials are optimistic to the point that they are projecting that in the next 12 months, Puerto Plata will have 800,000 tourists, apart from national who come to visit every weekend.

One of the greatest challenges Puerto Plata’s facing is adapting to the demands of tourism of the XXI century, and therefore, Amber Cove terminal will suit different audiences at the same time they expect cruisers with humanitarian purpose, which will arrive with people who will give a helping hand to poor neighborhoods in the area.

Source: Puerto Plata Digital

Dec  12, 2015

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