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Call to repair highway Puerto Plata – Cabarete

Domingo Ortiz, President of the public transport union between Puerto Plata – Sosua – Cabarete has called on the authorities to fix this major motor way.In several places the heavy rains have washed away huge parts of the asphalt. The drivers of motorcycles and cars therefore pay more attention to the potholes in the road and try to dodge them, then they pay attention to oncoming traffic. Several accidents already happened, with many injuries and even fatalities. The President also warned for livestock on the main road. Several times motorists have collided with a crossing donkey, cow or horse. With fatal consequences for the poor animal and major damage to the motorist. The owner of the poor animal usually can not be determined which leaves the car owners without compensation for the damage.

Source: Sosua News

February 4, 2015

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  1. Samson

    It is getting rather bad. Can’t pay attention to traffic and potholes at the same time.

    People are getting damaged as are vehicles. Who should pay for repairs?

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