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Business community worried over “crisis of confidence” in the Judiciary

SANTO DOMINGO. The National Council of Private Enterprise (Conep) said yesterday that they were worried about “the crisis of confidence which the Judicial Power is experiencing.”

In a press communiqué the business organization indicated that the “generalized public questionings” of the decisions of the Dominican courts affects the confidence and trust in the institutions and in the Dominican state.

“This becomes more serious when it is perceived that the administration of justice does not fulfill its role or constitutes an obstacle for the investigations related to acts of administrative corruption in its different variants,” indicates the document.

The businessmen said that the danger that they feel is that the situation leads to one “where the Dominican society is convinced that the decisions of the tribunals guarantee impunity for those with political power.” The Conep considers that this will provoke the disappearance of the “moral basis of the system and will bring into question the principle of equality before the law, consecrated in the Constitution.”

“Likewise, any of the efforts of the public agencies to promote transparency will not make any sense,” they underlined.

They recommended to the Judicial Power the creation “of all the institutional mechanisms that correspond to them and to adopt the necessary measures in order to ensure the internal and external independence of the different tribunals.”

“The existence of a transparent public administration and the fight against administrative corruption should be a commitment of society in general, of the state in particular, but very especially of the Judicial Power,” they pointed out.

They called on the state power to reflect on this “in order to become aware of the impact which its decisions in this regard have on the trust of their acts and on the functioning of the state.”

The Conep also expressed its support for the demands and calls expressed by the Catholic Church and other organizations of society with respect to the Dominican Judiciary.

In the last two weeks diverse sectors have come out and expressed their questioning of the decision for dismissal of the accusations regarding the alleged fraud against the state by Senator Felix Bautista.

Source: DiarioLibre

April 7, 2015

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