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Brewster: corruption in the Dominican Republic demands answer and solution

SANTO DOMINGO. The United States ambassador James W Brewster said that the corruption in the Dominican Republic demands a Dominican answer and solution and added that “no external force can be the catalyst which motivates the reform of the Dominican system for the elimination of corruption.”

In his speech, the United States diplomat reproduced a quote from Secretary of State John Kerry which says “that the moral and practical costs of corruption are no longer debatable; corruption promotes instability, popular protests and revolutions; corruption infects each sector of the government, it depresses development, deepens poverty, suffocates innovation and discourages foreign investment.”

Speaking at the seminar sponsored by the American Chamber of Commerce on “Corruption: the role of Civil Society and the Business sector in its Prevention and Prosecution,” Brewster said that corruption lacerates the reputation of the nation and that money laundering resulting from corruption finances terrorism and transnational crime.

“This takes money destined to public works in order to line the coffers of the “kleptocrats”; remaining silent regarding these crimes is the same as becoming an accomplice,” he claimed. He gave the example that for the United States businessmen there exists criminal consequences when they pay bribes “and with frequency these are carried out, besides the act on corrupt practices overseas, the United States has created an incentive for commercial exchange that favors anticorruption reforms.”

Among these he cited, the support for organizations of civil society, journalists, prosecutors and other governmental leaders in order that they demand that public officials be held accountable. “We strengthen capabilities within the judicial sector, we celebrate the positive examples, when it is appropriate, and we will reserve the use of our consular authorities, as well as the cooperation in the area of law and order, as additional tools in this fight.”

“Corruption can be seductive. It greases wheels. It opens doors. It protects allies. But it also steals from the many men and women who are honest in this country, and favors a few dishonest people. Those of you that are the most ethical, are those that carry the heaviest load. By rejecting corruption, you have chosen the path of the greatest resistance. And this I support.”

The President of AMCHAMDR

Gustavo Tavares said that the American Chamber of Commerce favors the existence of an independent and autonomous judicial power, which can subdue the other powers of the state and which decides the cases with impartiality. Gustavo Tavares said that in the core of the organization the worry of different strata that exist share the mistrust towards the Dominican judicial system.

Source: DiarioLibre

April 18, 2015

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  1. Samson

    What is the value of laws when corruption exists?

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