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Autopista del Atlántico is a key to further development of the Puerto Plata region

PUERTO PLATA hoteliers are still pondering on the construction of the Atlantic Motorway and the “new route” as popularly known, is of vital importance to this tourist province of Puerto Plata. The road will give the necessary boost to regain the glory it once had in the 80′s and 90′s.
The main spokesmen and representatives of the tourism sector in the province of Puerto Plata, consider as a work of prime importance to break what they call isolation of this pole, building the Atlantic Motorway, a new road that would link with the North Ring Avenue of Santiago, with the Gran Parada de Montellano, which have a distance of only 35 kilometers.
The president of the Association of Hotel Owners, Condominiums and Commercial Establishments of Playa Dorada; Marcos Villanueva, said the Atlantic Highway is the most prudent solution in terms of road infrastructure to further advance the development of Puerto Plata in view that there are currently only two old and very dangerous road, built many decades ago that are only routes linking Puerto Plata with the rest of the country, such as the road from Navarrete and the tourist Luperon – the northern mountain range, but both are almost impassable.
Also, Puerto Plata hoteliers are demanding from the government this new path, and remodeling the  existing one as it has been in the official announcement that the Minister of Public Works and Communications (MOPC), to begin work on widening to four lanes of the Navarrete-Puerto Plata highway.

The tourism entrepreneur, president of the Club de Golf Playa Dorada, Dr. Joaquin Balaguer directed the Ministry of Public Works; Engineer Miguel Angel Jimenez MESSON (Chio) considered very pertinent the construction of the motorway of the Atlantic and that although he was in favor of extending the current road Puerto Plata-Navarrete, believes that such action is not sufficient to achieve development that longs ” The Bride of the Atlantic “.

Chio Jimenez MESSON engineer explained with details the design of the Atlantic Motorway to the governments of Balaguer, with the calculations of the great saving of time and fuel costs, which offset significantly tolls 200 pesos that could be imposed and reiterated that a work of this magnitude should be made by the Dominican State, and unfortunately for their financial burden can not be borne by the private sector.

Similarly, he said that the Atlantic Motorway, has an easy repayment and that it would circulate between 9000-11000 vehicles per day, at the same time said that “apparently some political action has a preference for another road, as is the Don Gregorio stretch enlargement Maimon to Cofresí that after the opening of the Carnival Cruise terminal, those jobs are running a trickle “.
Jimenez MESSON mentioned that many years a ring road around the slopes of the Loma Isabel de Torres was designed, but lacked the thrust sectors of Puerto Plata and could not be done and it would be important for the highway project Atlantic because of that work would be done from Santiago to Puerto Plata in about 27 minutes and the travel time from Santo Domingo to Puerto Plata, would be reduced to two hours, rather than three and a half that is now.

The professional engineer said that with this reduction remains the same travel time from Santo Domingo to Puerto Plata, Santo Domingo as Bavaro and involves the development of the tourist resorts on the north coast, also said the Highway Atlantic is a path that leaves 22 km of the North of Santiago Ring Avenue and ends at the Grand Parade, with a length of 35 kilometers, which is extremely important because it would connect Puerto Plata with Santiago in 25 minutes “gives us another airports, more flights and more seats to bring tourists to Puerto Plata “.
Source: Puerto Plata Digital
Dec 5, 2015

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