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Attorneys asked for 20 years and RD$2.5 billion for Banco Peravia fraud

SANTO DOMINGO. The Central Bank and the Superintendency of Banks requested the District Attorney for the National District to proceed and present an indictment and request for opening a trial against 17 defendants of an alleged fraud of more than RD$1.4 billion against the bankrupt Banco Peravia.

The Monetary and Financial Authority requested the putting into movement the lawsuit and proceed to obtain a conviction of 20 years in prison, a fine of RD$2.5 million each and an indemnification of RD$2.5 billion for damages and injuries they caused.

It is their understanding that this is the maximum sentence applicable, taking into account that the national judicial rules in existence do not have an accumulation of sentences.

Likewise, they suggest that the District Attorney Yeni Berenice Reynoso request the judge of Instruction the imposition of preventive custody as a coercive measure. The petition is contained in a writ whereby they become plaintiffs and civil actors against Nelson Serret Sugrañez, José Luis Santoro Castellano, Gabriel Jiménez Aray, Carlos Serret Sugrañez, Jorge Serret Sugrañez, Daniel Morales Santoro, Luis Manuel Peña Melo, Melvio Alexis Coiscou Castro, Milcio Pedro Santana and Mirian Serret.

And also against Altagracia Muñoz Martínez, Yesenia Serret Aponte, Yocelyn Leal Morató, Evelyn Serret, Luis Herrera Valerio, Nelson Cabral Veras and Rolando Cabral Veras.

They ask that it be recorded that they adhere to the accusation that will be presented by the Justice Department for the illegal acts committed in order to obtain a conviction.

With respect to the request for preventive custody, they say that it is necessary after proving that “we are in the presence of multiple crimes at the same time, existing conclusive and sufficient evidence to presume that the defendants are responsible for the crimes of which they are accused.” Likewise, that there exists a flight risk in order that the defendants evade the process of justice.

Also that the sentences for the crimes attributed are severely punished with prison sentences, as established by the requisites in article 227 of the Penal Code.

They argue that they reserve the ability to file complaints and accuse any other person who may eventually be established as having participation in the criminal activity.

The lawyers that represent the Monetary and Financial Authority are Luis Miguel Pereyra, Carlos Salcedo Camacho, Francisco Alvarez Valdez, José Lorenzo Fermin, Manuel Ramon Peña Conce, Gregorio Garcia Villavizar, Mitchel Camacho and Thomas Hernandez Metz. They warned that the defendants should respond to the civilian actors and their representatives.

“Based on the amount of asset damage suffered, the plaintiffs request reparations of RD$2.5 billion.” They say that the Banco Peravia was the object of a fraudulent and criminal extraction of funds belonging to its clients, and in a general sense for having been materially damaged as a result of the illegal criminal acts that were committed.

Source: DiarioLibre

June 1, 2015

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