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Armed Forces will support DGM with 2000 men

SANTO DOMINGO. The Minister of Defense, Lieutenant General Maximo William Muñoz Delgado, reported yesterday that since last November, 2000 men of the Armed Forces have been training in humanitarian affairs, the Creole language, and other aspects, with the aim of supporting the Directorate General of Migration (DGM) which is the entity that is going to carry out the deportation operations of the foreigners who have not registered with the National Plan of Normalization.

Precisely today, the Minister of Defense and the Director of the Specialized Corps of Frontier Security (Cesfront), will be on the frontier talking to the troops which will participate in the process together with the Directorate of Migration and there they will put into operation a modern system of monitoring which includes the use of drones for the first time.

He warned that the foreigner who does not register with the National Plan of Normalization of Foreigners will have to return to his country of origin without any protest.

Likewise the high official added that all the personnel who will be participating in the deportations, have been properly prepared in various aspects, for the purpose of not abusing any foreigner.

The 2000 men of the Armed Forces will be disseminated throughout the national territory, “ready to support the actions of the Directorate of Migration.”

Muñoz Delgado discarded that there would be unrest by the Haitians, “18 months ago the plan began and for whoever has not registered with the plan, regrettably this timeframe expires in two days.”

“It should be clear that neither the Presidency, the Armed Forces nor the Directorate General of Migration are going to abuse anyone. This is a plan conceived with all the international rules and within the framework of the law; nobody is going to be mistreating anybody and they are going to respect the rights of all the foreigners that are in a condition to be returned to their country of origin,” said Muñoz Delgado.

The Haitians who might be deported will be taken to their nation going through four frontier points, that are Dajabon, Jimani, Pedernales and Elias Piña, “after an agreement reached by the commissions from both chancellerys.”

“Initially there were only two points, Jimani and Dajabon where they Haitians could be repatriated, but they reached an agreement and now they will use the four points,” he noted.

The Minister of Defense said that the latest incidents involving Haitians who were seeking to arrive on time in order to legalize their status, is because of the desperation which they have because time is running out and is now just 48 hours from ending. He explained that once the deadline is reached, whoever has not been registered “cannot have any kind of displeasure, or carry out any activity which would go against our state, which is to say whoever is illegal, knows that he has to go home, to his country of origin,” he indicated that the rules cannot be violated, “nobody can violate the rules of our country, under any circumstance.”

When he was asked his opinion about the former Haitian generals who would be ready at the frontier in order to deal with the deportations, Muñoz Delgado warned “that they have the right to do whatever they want in their country, but not here.” The high ranking official spoke after saying farewell to the Coast Guard Cruise 2015 whose members will visit Colombia. During the activity, Vice – Admiral Edmundo Felix Pimentel said that the group will put into practice the knowledge acquired in Astronomical Navigation and other naval aspects.

The activity

The ceremony for the start of the monitoring system along the frontier, will take place in the community of Capotillo, in Dajabon, where the Minister of Defense will talk to the troops regarding the expiration of the time frame for the National Plan of Normalization of Foreigners. Once the ceremony is over, the Minister and his entourage will leave by helicopter to other frontier points, which will be used by the Dominican authorities of the Directorate General of Migration, to send to their country of origin those who do not comply with what is required.

Source: DiarioLibre

June 16, 2015

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