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Apply for legalization or face deportation on 17 June

According to Minister of Interior and Police Ramon (Monchy) Fadul, the Dominican government will not grant any extensions to foreigners living in the country illegally and as of 17 June no more will be allowed to apply to regularize their status under the free and fast-tracked National Foreigner Legalization Plan.

He said that there would be deportations, but only after the expiration of the Plan. He said it has always been made clear that whoever is still illegal after the Plan ends will be deemed to the migration law.

According to Fadul, once the Plan has ended the government has 45 days to check the submitted documents, but as of 1 August 1, there would be no going back and illegals face deportation.

The minister was interviewed at the Presidential Palace yesterday, Monday 11 May 2015, after meeting with President Danilo Medina, the new Migration Director Major General Ruben Dario Paulino Sem, Minister of the Presidency Gustavo Montalvo and deputy ministers who are working on the Plan.

He said that the deportation program was nearly ready but stressed that there would be no witch hunts, and that they would not be out in the streets hunting anyone down, and that they would apply the law with respect for human rights. He said he was not looking for mass deportations and they did not want any violence, so with this in mind they were meeting with the construction, agricultural and hotel sectors, as well as with NGOs.

He added that not only Haitian nationals are subject to the law but all foreigners.

So far around 200,000 people have applied to regularize their status under the plan, plus 8,000 who have qualified and another 60,000 are registered in the Central Electoral Board (JCE) and around 2,000 former sugarcane workers who are now pensioners. He said that 23 nationalities are registered and that the government has been meeting with the foreign embassies to ascertain travel arrangements.

Fadul said that they will begin to give non-resident visas to holders of passports and others would be given a chance to register under the Plan. He said that they had three mobile units that would visit banana plantations and other areas where illegal immigrants are known to work to give them a chance to register prior to the expiration of the plan.

Source: DR1, Listindiario

May 12, 2015

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