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ANJE supports reclassification of businesses before a salary increase

SANTO DOMINGO. The president of the National Association of Young Entrepreneurs (ANJE), Biviana Riveiro, expressed her support to the proposal by the Dominican Management Confederation (COPARDOM) that before a salary increase they should carry out a reclassification of businesses.

This reclassification would permit a large number of businesses to pay (new hires) minimum wages that are less than those they are paying at the present time.

“I believe that the different sectors should be capable of sitting down at the table to talk about the issue. We have to see the impact that the issue has and see the real possibility that this materializes,” she said. The young businesswoman was referring to the salary increase demanded for workers in the non-sectored private sector.

Nevertheless, she said that she felt that they cannot ignore the issue of the division or the segmentation of the businesses for the application of what the law says with respect to the size of the same.

“We have a law (488 – 08) which distinguishes the different types of companies according to their size and according to their capacity. So, the salary increase that can be absorbed by a large company, a company that is installed, a company that doesn’t have so many difficulties with their cash flow and issues of a financial character, that has access to financing, is not the same reality that a micro – company would have, such as a beauty parlor owner, or the owner of a small restaurant,” noted the ANJE President, in order to justify the business reclassification.

Riveiro said that basically what they want to safeguard in this discussion regarding the salary increase is that labor understands the segmentation.

She indicated that the reclassification is what has maintained the stalemate to achieving the increase in the minimum salaries, but she stressed that it is necessary to understand that these rules already exist and that they are written and what the business community has sought is there proper implementation. “We cannot lose sight of the fact that what we want to achieve with the salary increase is precisely to increase the buying power of the Dominican population. Right now there is no mechanism with which the salary can be increased and which does not translate into an increase in labor costs and burden of a company,” she said.

She said that starting from these realities is how the business community understands that these are the points that should be evaluated in a discussion at the National Salary Committee because, according to her idea, not only are they speaking of a salary increase but also about how this impacts on the costs of the companies.

Although ANJE stressed that they do not participate directly in the meetings of the National Salary Committee, she felt that these discussions are carried out in order to be able to achieve more purchasing power for the Dominican population, which in her judgment not only will be achieved with the increase in salaries, but also by guaranteeing conquests in education, in health services and where the people have to spend less out of their pockets.

They feel that the state should be a regulator not a generator

Just as the National Association of Young Entrepreneurs supports the proposal of the Dominican Management Confederation (COPARDOM) before the National Salary Committee (CNS), they are also in agreement with the principal business leadership, represented by the National Council of Private Enterprise (Conep), that the role of the state in the electricity sector should be that of a regulator and not of a generator in order that they do not become the judge and jury of the energy sector.

“The state should be the regulator, gentlemen, in no system can one being judge and jury. Why? Because when they are going to apply the rules, the sanctions, the mechanisms for tenders, the due compliance with the law, do you think that they are going to apply the same rules of the game that we apply to the private sector?”, Biviana Riveiro said.

An invitation to a concourse of “Innovators of America”

The ANJE announced that as a way of helping the entrepreneurial spirit of Dominicans this entity is focusing this year on the creation of the ANJE National Prize: Innovators of America, which will be awarded 1 October 2015.

The ANJE President, Biviana Riveiro, said that this prize is granted all over the Latin American region, but that there was an agreement to carry it out in this country this year. They will give RD $225,000 to the winner of the best project in the categories of Social Development, Entrepreneurship, Culture and Science.

Those who are interested can request more information at 809 472 – 0444.

Business reclassification is what maintains the stalemate

The discussions that deal with an agreement regarding a salary increase for the employees of the non-sectored private sector began last January and since then they have met only four times at the National Salary Committee (CNS), which is equal to one meeting per month, in which they have not achieved any sort of agreement. The workers represented by the unions demand a salary increase of 30% and management, through COPARDOM, suggest a significant percentage of increase, which they have not revealed, but they tie this to the fact that first they must accept the application of a reclassification of businesses as established in Law 488 – 084 for the Mipymes, with which they seek to lower the minimum salary that is currently paid by some companies.

Source: DiarioLibre

May 4, 2015

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