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AMET agents question withdrawal of street vendors

SANTO DOMINGO. The withdrawal on the main streets of the National District of the “squeegee guys,” the people who park cars and the street vendors, not only finds rejection among these three groups, but also among members of the Metropolitan Transportation Authority (AMET), who do not share the measure by the institution to its fullest extent.

“In the case of the street vendors, we have to be more flexible, because they work to get the food for their families,” indicated one AMET agent.

His partner commented that, although the measure is “good,” it should not apply to the informal merchants, who, he said, don’t bother traffic “as much as the squeegee guys and the car parkers.”

Another AMET member said that, in the case of the vendors, the ayuntamientos should play their role in the organization of the public spaces.

“They should tolerate the street vendors, because the ones that cause traffic tie ups are the window cleaners, who, when the light changes, stay there in the middle of the street,” one agent commented.

For another member of AMET, the measure should have been carried out some time ago against the “window cleaners”. “They throw sponges on the windows of the vehicles…. causing problems which sometimes get out of hand.”

AMET gives an extension

It will be recalled that the Metropolitan Transportation Authority (AMET) gave a truce to the sidewalk sellers in order that they could remain at the intersections, but will continue the actions to remove from the roads the “window cleaners” and “car parkers.”

By means of a press release, the institution warned that “this action does not mean that the street vendors will be permitted to remain in the intersections permanently, but rather that this situation will be socialized with other instances in order to seek a solution.”

In the meantime, Santos de la Rosa, a biscuit vendor for 21 years at the intersection of Maximo Gomez and 27 February, hopes that AMET will stop eliminating the street vendors on the avenues.

The operations

Since last Wednesday, AMET agents have moved out at least 350 persons who cleaned windows on the principle corners of the capital. The allegation is that complaints made by drivers that they scratch their windows, and that in some cases they received threats. Last Friday, the AMET agents assisted by the Police took away young shoeshiners who were seated in the front part of the Agora Mall.

Source: DairioLibre

April 13, 2015

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