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After two periods, the President could not be even the vice president

SANTO DOMINGO. The proposal to modify the Constitution for which the assembly voted last Saturday, implies that after serving two consecutive terms of office, a president could not again opt for this position, but neither could he stand for the vice presidency.

The modification of article 124 of the Magna Carta which was presented to the National Review Assembly by the Senator of the government’s Dominican Liberation Party (PLD), Reinaldo Pared Perez, and which obtained the support of 183 members of the assembly in order to pass in the first reading, establishes that the president can serve two consecutive terms of office and never again, but neither can he opt to be a candidate for the vice presidency. The proposal includes a transitional article in order that in the case in which the current President Danilo Medina, is the presidential candidate in 2016, he cannot present himself for the following period.

The votes against totaled 38, during a session in which the 222 legislators which make up the Chamber of Deputies and the Senate, took part.

During the session 5 proposals were submitted, although two of them were withdrawn before they were submitted to a vote. One was that of the deputy of the Modern Revolutionary Party (PRM), Julio Encarnacion, who suggested that the transitional article should prohibit President Danilo Medina from being nominated for the 2016 elections. The other two proposals submitted to the National Review Assembly which was chaired by Cristina Lizardo, were those of deputies Guadalupe Valdes who suggested that article 124 remain just as it is now, and that of deputy Rogelio Genao, that the issue of reelection not be the object of any reform for 50 years. Both were rejected.

During the nearly 4 hours of the session, which began at 10:00 in the morning, there were frequent criticisms of the process and reports of vote buying.

Deputy Hugo Tolentino Dipp, of the PRM, said that regarding reelection the purchase of conscious, the corruption and defections are always present,, and his companion, Jorge Frias, asked the prosecutor to investigate because they tempted him, but he did not sell out.

There was also a defense of their actions. Geovany Tejeda, a PRD deputy said that those who criticize the reelection is because it is not convenient for them, and that his party supports it because it is convenient. The solemnity of the act was interrupted on several occasions by the hubbub created by the legislators over some of the declarations of their colleagues.

Disorder and proof

Lawyer Nassef Perdomo said yesterday that the atmosphere of disorder that was observed during the session is typical of all the social environments of the country, and he recalled that the politicians are a reflection of society. With regard to the complaints, he feels that there exists a shared responsibility with the complainants who should offer the proof and the legislative authorities who should study them.

“Regarding the Assembly, they have complied with the deadlines and the forms that this requires, especially article 60, which establishes that there is a five day period between the first and the second reading. I think, nevertheless, that it would have been better if they did not close the debates and that everyone who had reserved a turn could use it.”

This week

Today, the commissions of Style and Auditing appointed by the Assembly should begin the work of correcting the proposal that was approved. They have a two day deadline to present their report. On Friday, the members of the assembly are invited for another session which will hear the modifications in a second reading and according to the president of the assembly, the Constitution will be enacted on Saturday.

Source: DiarioLibre

June 8, 2015

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