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A Sosúa’s woman was beaten by members of CESTUR, it is the third allegation of physical abuse by Police this week

Sosúa.- This morning a young woman complaint to the Press Centre of, for being brutally beaten and locked up by several members of CESTUR, when she went to inquire about her friend Nicole, who had been captured when she went out to buy some pills from a drugstore. When Johanna Gutierrez Abreu  arrived at the Police Station, she also was assaulted and imprisoned until the next day.

Johanna Gutiérrez Abreu, 31 years old, with tears in her eyes told how she was abused on Monday night and they did not  take into account that she had a surgery done and that she is a private employee of Banca Los Dichosos, located on Calle Pedro Clisante, Sosua. She said: “I am not a prostitute, or offender, and they treated me as if I were, they are savages. I have been employed for a long time, and everybody knows me. ” Johanna submitted a formal complaint against the aggressors.

Johanna Gutiérrez Abreu, showed sprain with bruise and blows to various parts of her body, according to the Medical Diagnosis. The Director of CESTUR, ordered an investigation into the case. The Police are used to mistreat women, and even if women are decent they still run a high risk of being physically and verbally abused by agents who do not respect a woman, her condition, or status, whether she is married, has a family, returns after work or walks through one of Sosua’s streets, she runs a risk to be attacked by these savages in a uniform!

Source: Detral del Rumors

February 19, 2015

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