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Who will be the next President?

To the Gallup-Hoy question to those polled of who will win the May 2016 presidential elections, voters responded:

Danilo Medina (41.3%)
Leonel Fernandez (25.8%)
Luis Abinader (5.5%)
Miguel Vargas Maldonado (2.9%
Hipolito Mejia (2.3%).
Margarita Cedeno (1.8%

To the Gallup-Hoy question to those polled of who would they like to be the next President, the responses were:

Danilo Medina (54.2%)
Leonel Fernandez (10.3%)
Luis Abinader (8.7%
Hipolito Mejia (5.2%)
Miguel Vargas (4.3%)
Margarita Cedeno (3.6%
Guillremo Moreno (1.8%)

The poll also revealed that the politicians with the highest rejection rate are Hipolito Mejia (37.2%), Miguel Vargas (22.3%) and Leonel Fernandez (22.2%). Luis Abinader (0.7%) and Danilo Medina (0.5%) have the lowest rejection rates.

For the poll, 1,200 eligible voters were interviewed between 29 August and 2 September 2014. The margin of error is 2.8%.

In 2004, then-President Hipolito Mejia changed the Constitution to allow one-time consecutive re-election, US-style. In 2008, PRD president Miguel Vargas accepted a change to the Constitution to allow non-consecutive re-election in the 2010 Constitution. Thus, the tradition has been to change the constitution according to the convenience of the serving President. This could explain why Gallup is including Danilo Medina in the poll list.

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