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Water wells are contaminated in the country

The pollution in the country for decades has been a subject for big concern. The geologist Osiris de Leon raised this issue at the International Congress”Water, Food Security and Nutrition”.
In his presentation, the geologist questioned the construction of wells throughout the country, saying that wells are being constructed without any control.
“Every day we unloaded 7000 tons of excrement and no one cares as to where this is going,” he said.
Severely criticized was the lack of regulation from the state for companies and individuals who pierce the earth to profit from it. “The only regulation for producing wells in the country is paying to companies contracted to do,” he said.
In that regard, he expressed the need for a regulatory framework for construction of wells, as well as waste water.
Osiris de León said that he found it inconceivable that a few feet from a house or building they build a well was built a well, and next to it there is a septic tank.
Alert on population health
He said that there was a study performed on the groundwater of Boca Chica, and the salinity level far exceeds the normal range.
For the environmentalist, the solution to this problem is a cooperative agreement between the State and the private sector. He says that the partnership with private companies is required if the government can not spend what it takes to finally solve the problem of shortage of sanitary sewers, they can share profits.

Source: Elcaribe

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  1. Samson

    I understand that wells should not be fed by septic tanks but other than that I do not understand what is being said.

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