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Water crisis is expensive for families in Greater Santo Domingo

SANTO DOMINGO. In the sectors of the northern parts of the National District, a 25 gallon tank of water costs RD$100. In barrios of West Santo Domingo and Pantoja, a small truck costs RD$500. At these prices water is reducing the pockets of the poor families of Greater Santo Domingo.

Daniel Alcantara, a pushcart water salesman by tanks in the sector of Villa Francisca, fills a tank for R$100. Alcantara distributes water in a several block area between the Ravelo, Las Honradas and Caracas streets. “Can you imagine? In order to wash clothes I need a hundred pesos just for water,” said Amarilis Medrano, a neighbor on Ravelo Street.

Cinthia Herrera, the owner of a beauty salon, says that the only way that they can at times obtain water for the house and for the business is asking the trucks from the Fire Department. “When we get a group together and we ask the Fire Department to send us a tank truck, sometimes the guys (that sell water) are angry, but it is very expensive,” says the lady.

In Villa Francisca there are areas without faucets or hydrants, and others like Francisco Henriquez y Carvajal where yesterday it was supposed to receive the (water) service for six hours, but people could not get more than a half a tank, with the use of a small pump, as Berta Terrero suffered yesterday.

In the sector of the Jose Contreras Project in Pantoja, a truck cost RD$500, and with efficiency, its use can last a week. “Together with all of the other problems we have to spend money on water, too,” exclaimed one resident of the area.

In Villas Agricolas the demand is so high that neighbors wait for others to finish before they connect their pumps. “Some water is getting here, but everyone takes it at once,” said Jose Lopez. In San Carlos, the inhabitants have Thursdays as the Day of Judgment. In the dawn hours they have to be alert in order to be able to do household chores, and take advantage that the electricity is going out.

Water rationing

The Santiago Water and Sewer Corporation (Coraasan) announced yesterday that if the long dry spell that is affecting the country persists, they will be forced to increase the rationing of the water they provide the people.

This was reported by the entity’s spokesman, Dario Fernandez, who said that given the critical situation, it is urgently necessary that consumers collaborate with saving the vital resource during their daily work.

“We should stop watering gardens, the front of our houses, and the little vegetable patches we have out back, since it is getting harder and harder to produce so much water,” Fernandes underlined. He said that he level at the Tavera Reservoir is worrisome, since it should be at 327 meters above sea level and it is now at 317 above sea level.

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