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Wasteful government spending

In her editorial in Diario Libre today, Thursday 11 December 2014, Ines Aizpun focuses on politicians getting rich, and Dominicans getting poorer.

“Spending on electoral campaigns for the 2016 election is unprecedented,” she writes. She complains about ministers or government officials who have been showing off economic wealth that it totally unrelated to their positions but no one stops them.

She criticizes the National District city government for spending an “indecent” sum on a temporary attractions park in a city where cemeteries, markets, and other services are in substandard conditions. The victims of the park are the students of the National Music Conservatory and the neighbors.

She describes how the Ministry of Foreign Relations payroll is a blow to citizens. “You can study, work, make sacrifices, and you are being naive. All you have to do is be a relative of a high-up member of the PLD or seek Cleopatra’s tomb to receive a salary of US$10,000 a month,” she writes, complaining that no one says anything.

“The list is enormous and the feeling is one of being scammed by the corporation within the PLD that has a hold on taxpayers and there is no pretending, when one reads that Leonel Fernandez says there is a need to increase the tax load. One has to be very audacious to get away with that…” she writes.

“The rates of competitiveness, wealth distribution, the fight against poverty, against corruption and impunity are not improving. It is a system, that of the PLD, that enriches a few and holds back the majority,” she concludes.

Source: DR1, DiarioLibre

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