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Warning to poultry farmers on risks of formaldehyde

SANTIAGO. Experts from the poultry sector have alerted the authorities of the Ministry of Agriculture on the risks that the poultry producers are facing of contracting terminal illnesses due to the use of formaldehyde in the raising of chickens. The use of the substance is prohibited by the Ministry.

The personnel that work in the incubators are the one most exposed to the effects of the use of formaldehyde, since they inhale the toxic gases which the product produces.

The worry was voiced by the veterinary expert of Uruguayan origin, Sebastian Fernandez, in a talk aimed at the sector, with the objective of informing then regarding the cleaning and disinfecting of the incubation plants and chicken coops in exclusive controlled environments.

“It is important to communicate and provide guidance to the producers regarding the use of formaldehyde. The personnel of the facility run the risk of contracting cancer since because of the high temperatures of the incubator this (the formaldehyde) becomes a toxic gas which spreads throughout the plant and ends up affecting the health of those that are in the facility,” said Fernandez.

In spite of the prohibition of its use, the poultry producers continue using it in the process of raising chickens, so that Fernandez issued a call to the authorities to take drastic measures against those that violate the rules.

Businessmen in the sector said that 50% of the Dominican poultry producers still use the chemical in spite of the fact that in this and other countries they have begun to regulate the use of it in the process of poultry production.

Source: DiarioLibre

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