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Victor Castro: eliminate duplication in government

The president of the Association of Herrera and Santo Domingo Province Industries (AEIH) has expressed his disappointment at the Medina administration for continuing to maintain duplication in government entities in the 2015 National Budget. The Presidency has presented a National Budget for RD$630,934 billion for 2015.

Castro commented that while President Medina is giving priority to social spending, it is also true that resource allocation would be more efficient if known hindrances were eliminated.

“It is essential to put an end to political patronage that keeps alive certain government entities where all they do is duplicate roles, create obstacles, spend lots of money and serve as centers for private business deals,” said Castro.

He said there is no sense in keeping a Fund for Farm Development (FEDA) when there is already a Banco Agricola, or transferring resources to the Office for Supervisory Works of the Presidency when there is a Ministry of Public Works.

He also mentioned the Unit for Rural and Suburban Electrification (UERS) as a department of the CDEEE that has its own board, provided each of the members with SUVs and earning very high wages. He mentioned that the three power distribution companies should be merged into one, with fewer staff. He said it is absurd to continue paying wages to the State Sugar Council (CEA), the Rosario Dominicana and Corde, entities that no longer have productive units.

Castro added that only political patronage and the “political pinata” could justify the maintenance of the Price Stabilization Institute (Inespre), the Dominican Sugar Institute (Inazucar) and the National Sewing Institute (Inaguja). He also mentioned the many state institutions that tread on each other’s toes in the transport sector.

He asked why the government continues to maintain the Community Development Office (ODC) when there is such a strong Social Cabinet. He also questioned the need for the National Cooperative Credit Institute (Indecoop) when there is a Banking Superintendence.

He also wondered why the country needed a Ministry of Youth, a Ministry of Women and what was the role of the CDEEE when there is a newly created Ministry of Energy and Mines.

He commented that big political and economic interests have impeded the operation of the costly Commission for the Defense of Competition (Pro-Competencia).

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  1. Stocker

    This guy is talking sense!

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