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Two ballplayers involved in shooting at Santiago discotheque

SANTIAGO. Major League players Starlin Castro and Engel Beltre were “invited” to pass by the Homicide Department of the National Police in Santiago in order to be questioned in relation to the shooting which occurred Saturday night in the “Dubai” discotheque, during a party entertained by the bachata singer Anthony Santos and the “mambero,” Omega.

The incident left 3 persons with bullet wounds, who are receiving medical attention at the Regional University Hospital José Maria Cabral y Baez in Santiago and at a private clinic that was not identified.

The police spokesman in Santiago, Colonel Damien Arias Matos, indicated that both baseball players will be interviewed by the police in order to hear their versions regarding this case.

Although he did not identify which , he indicated that in a video of the incident one of the baseball players is observed carrying a firearm. Anthony Santos and Omega were entertaining when the altercation broke out.

The wounded were identified as Luis Pie, Andes de Jesus Mateo and Carlos Jaquez Marte. Omega and Santos were not injured in the incident.

At the scene, investigative authorities collected as evidence a 12gauge shotgun shell, a shell casing from a rifle with the number 88 L. C., and nine shell casings from a 9 mm weapon.

Besides the persons injured several vehicles revealed impacts from gunshots, among them a Mercedes Bands black SUV, belonging to baseball player Engel Beltre. As of Sunday night the authorities had arrested 12 persons for questioning. The party was held under a large tent in front of the discotheque, located between 27 February Ave. and Juan Pablo Duarte.

Source: DiarioLibre

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