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Turtle man needs your help

Environmental groups are backing efforts to restore Barahona park ranger Blanco Turbi’s eyesight. The man is a legend in the southwest for his many years of selfless work to preserve marine species in the area. He is best known among communities in Oviedo Lagoon and the Jaragua National Park.

Domingo Abreu, one of the country’s leading environmentalists, tells Turbi’s story.

Initially out of curiosity, and then on his own initiative, and later because he received training as a park ranger, Turbi took care of hundreds of eggs left on Mosquea, San Luis, Inglesa and Fernando beaches in off-the-beaten-path areas of Barahona. He mainly sought to protect them from ignorant locals. They would be born in his house and he would then return them to the beaches where the eggs were laid and the turtles could walk out to sea.

“Blanco Turbi has spent his whole life with countless early mornings spent looking after the turtles and marine birds of Oviedo Lagoon: the flamingos, the Northern Shoveler, booby birds, ducks and many others. As a fisherman, his obligations to his family were never a problem for his passion for the environment.

Abeu explains that three years ago, on his watch as park ranger, Turbi suffered an accident that caused a detached retina in his right eye. His limited salary and basic medical insurance cannot fund the RD$250,000 he needs for the surgery to recover his eyesight.

“Thousands of turtles owe their lives to Blanco Turbi, but cannot contribute to his recovery. You can,” writes Abreu.

He has begun a campaign for restoring Turbi’s eyesight. Donations can be made to the BHD bank account 1359630-001-3 of the Asamblea Nacional Ambiental Inc., the non-governmental organization that is backing this initiative. For more information, write to Domingo Abreu at

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