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Troupes of Puerto Plata captivated viewers and jury in the National Carnival Parade in Santo Domingo

PUERTO PLATA – . Creativity and bright colors of the troupes that formed the delegation from Puerto Plata in the Grand National Carnival Parade held yesterday in Santo Domingo, captured the attention of the members of the jury and the massive presence of people gathered to enjoy these celebrations of the carnival .
The Puerto Plata carnival delegation who traveled to the capital in the early hours of Sunday moved much hype, grace and overflowing with joy all along the avenue George Washington, which put the tastiness and charm that characterizes citizens of ” the Bride of the Atlantic. “
Among the groups most acclaimed by Puerto Plata in the Grand Carnival Parade of Santo Domingo, include ” The Scorpion King ” Carlitos Way building sector Cristo Rey , “Fantasia Flamenca” Jairo Reyes Lora Gregorio , ” The Dolls faceless broom ” Simeon Reyes ( Caquito ) , ” Dominicano Soy ” Batey Tres sector , ” the Twin Giants ” , along with a wide representation of tribes composed Taimáscaros Yucahú , Aboriginal, Manaya , Maguey among others.
It is noted that the delegation of extras in Puerto Plata who participated in the great national carnival parade in Santo Domingo was accompanied by the Regional Director of Culture ; licensed René Merette and other citizens representatives Carnival Union of Puerto Plata ( UCAPPLATA ) could not hide their emotions by the euphoria that caused the Puertoplateñas troupes in public .
The winners in the various categories will be announced during this week and already it is expected that the groups of Puerto Plata conquer the top as in previous years.
The National Carnival Parade that started after 11:00 am on Avenida George Washington in the capital began with a sample of older vehicles that preceded the colorful float where the Queen of Carnival moved ; Marisela Alvarez and King Momo , Frederick Martinez (El Pasha ) , who were accompanied by the Minister of Culture, José Antonio Rodríguez and that preceded and floats 292 participants from various communities throughout the Dominican Republic .
The jury of the Grand Carnival Parade consisted of anthropologists : José Guerrero, Carlos Andujar and Virginia Roca ; historian Hector Luis Martinez, the deputy and composer Manuel Jimenez, the cultural manager Luisa Mateo dichloromethane ; singer Marcos Caminero , the former director Ricardo Bello Fine Arts , the folklorist Maritza Reyes , actor Radhames Polanco , cultural manager Rafael Almanzar and composers Javier Vargas and Xiomara Fortuna.

Source: Puerto Plata Digital

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