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Toll road between Santo Domingo and Samana granted RD2. 272 billion subsidy

SD. The Juan Pablo II Highway, the toll road that connects Santo Domingo with Samana continues to produce losses for the state which this year will have to pay a shadow subsidy, due to low amount of traffic, of RD$2.272 billion which is an increase of RD$933 million in comparison to 2013, as well as the drivers who will have to take on an increase in the tolls for using the road.

This line item, which is contained in the legislative proposal for the General Budget of the State 2014, is going to the company of Colombian capital called “Autopista del Nordeste” which is in charge of the toll road for the next 30 years.

The funds are to comply with the concession contract in reference to the Minimum Guaranteed Income which is applied to cover the deficit that is left to the company due to the low usage of the road by vehicles. Last year the state had to pay a subsidy of RD$1.338 billion and in 2012 it was for RD$1.838 billion due to the low usage.

Nevertheless, in spite of the low levels of traffic on the highway, the concessionaires ordered an increase in the amount charged for tolls, making its usage much more expensive, since a trip to and from Santo Domingo to Samana will cost the owners of light vehicles RD#1,876 at the four toll booths.

According to the new rates in the first tool booths for cars, pickup trucks, SUVs and family vans, they will have to pay RD$53, in the second, RD$174, in the third RD$204 and in the forth RD$507. When the vehicles are mini-buses the tolls vary and they pay RD$106, RD$344, RD$423 and RD$1,032.

In the case of buses and trucks of two axles, the tolls to be paid by the drivers will be RD$133, RD$458. RD$550 and RD$1,345. With respect to trucks of three or more axles, the rates are RD$199, RD$365, RD$780 and RD$1,901. The tolls are paid at each of the four toll plazas both coming and going.

The contract

After willing an international public tender, the company “Autopista del Nordeste, S.A.” signed a contract with the state for the construction of the highway between Santo Domingo and Samana. The contract was signed on 18 July 2001 by the then Secretary of Public Works and Communication.

The contract says that “if the value corresponding to the income from toll collections during two months of full operation is less than the amount guaranteed for this period, the Concessioner will compensate the difference to the Concessionaire according to the stipulations of this contract. The establishment of this bimonthly deficit will be calculated as the difference between the Minimum Guaranteed Income of the respective two month period, updated according to the formula which for that purpose is included in the present contract”.

About the roadway

The highway begins at kilometer 20 of the Las Americas Highway, crossed the plains of Bayaguana and Monte Plata, crosses the mountainous terrain to the southwest of Los Haitises, passes through the watershed of the Lower Yuna River, until it joins with the existing highway that goes to Samana, along the stretch between Nagua and Samana. According to the estimates, the yearly circulation of vehicles is 839,000 with an average daily use by 200-2,300 vehicles.

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