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Three weapons, including a 357 Magnum, in hands of Najayo inmates

SANTO DOMINGO. The Attorney General of the Republic is investigating the presence of three firearms, among them a .357 Magnum, seized inside the Najayo jail, one of which allegedly belonged to the dead alleged hitman Andy Martinez Valdez. The authorities also are said to have found 10 phone chips on the deceased.

The later investigations at the crime scene turned up the existence of the three firearms. Two of the firearms were allegedly in the hands of an equal number of inmates that were killed during the action tied to an escape plan of alleged hitmen, “who were supposed to carry out an operation of great importance.”

Later on, a .357 Magnum was found during a search of the prison which is in the process of adapting to the new model penitentiary.

According to the hypothesis of the investigators, the shots began from inside the prison, where inmates tried to break the security barriers in order to escape, with outside help.

The dead prisoners were identified as Jorge Luis Polanco Diaz, sentenced to 30 years for homicide; Alvaro Luis Capellan, being held in preventive custody on homicide charges; Jesus Felipe Narciso, alias Atahualpa, also sentenced to 30 years for homicide, and Andy Mariñez Alcantara, who was being held in preventive custody on homicide charges.

This last prisoner had been recaptured after he had been involved last May in the hijacking of a bus that was transferring prisoners Elvis Felix Alcantara, Jacinto Reyes Guzmán and Isael Andres Rosario Perez, who were accused of having killed three men and burned their bodies on the Los Mogotes Hill, in Villa Altagracia in 2012.

The prisoners escaped from the vehicle which was transferring them from the exit of the Palace of Justice in Villa Altagracia to Najayo with police and with penitentiary agents and locked on the bus.

Valdez is said to be the alleged mastermind of this spectacular escape, after pointing a gun at a penitentiary official. The investigations are trying to establish details about an alleged plan “of major importance” which included getting the presumed to hitmen out of prison.

The Justice Department is looking into whether these actions are related to the alleged capos Winston Risik Rodriguez, who is in preventive custody in La Vega; and the fugitives Pascual Cabrera Ruiz and Pascual Cordero Martinez (El Chino).

According to the preliminary investigations, gangs of hired killers were trying to get prisoners out of jail in order to carry out an operation of major importance, with high-level logistics support. Several inmates have been interrogated and said they were being used as shields by others that were trying to escape.

The supposed operation included reinforcements from outside the jail, for where presumably rifle shots were fired from an SUV with at least five men inside.

Deputy director of CCR – Najayo Men

The Attorney General of the Republic reported with great sorrow the death “of our deputy director of CCR – Najayo Men,” who was shot multiple times during the failed attempt to assault this penitentiary on Friday. Estalin Amarante Polanco, together with all of the security personnel, faced an alleged gang which attempted to assault the center, managing to frustrate the action, as well as avoid escapes by inmates.

Source: DiarioLibre

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