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Three policemen arrested in robbery of RD$38 million’

SANTO DOMINGO. For their participation “at the operational level” of the assault of a truck belonging to the Caribe Express company, in which RD$38 million was being carried, an incident that happened last 14 January at Kilometer 40 of the Duarte Highway, the Police arrested Corporal Johan Manuel Terrero Ortega, and the privates Angel Gregorio Garcia Perez (Tato) and Luis Alfredo Polanco Ortiz (Papo or Jorgy).

The information was offered during a press conference by the spokesman of the National Police, Colonel Jacobo Mateo Moquete, who made it clear that the persons arrested, dismissed from the Police force, were found with RD$1,088,000, the payment they received for their collaboration in the robbery.

Also arrested for involvement in the case was Perla Franchesca Florian, the wife of Terrero Ortega, who had bought the cellphones, used by the alleged robbers to carry out the assault.

Mastermind and 10 fugitives

Moquete indicated that the Police is actively pursuing Esterlin Rikervin Vilorio (El Grande) who presumably is the mastermind of the gang that assaulted the truck belonging to Caribe Express, and who also might be implicated in the assault of an armored car belonging to Vimenca, which happened in July of last year in the municipality of Guerra.

Today’s fugitive, according to the Police, has a “big” rap sheet, and is heavily armed. The Police asked Vilorio to turn himself in, any way that he thought would be best.

Besides “El Grande” the following fugitives are also being sought: Víctor Alfonso González Tolentino, Luis Enrique Rodríguez Reyes, Plinio Odalis Arias Madera and Amaurys Cabrera Cola. Likewise, other individuals identified only as “Eliezer”, “Familia”, “Choco”, “Magallanes” and “El Flaco”.

Police Chief will be relentless

The Chief of the National Police, Major General Manuel Castro Castillo, according to his spokesman, reiterated that he will be “relentless” against the members of the institution that commit crimes in the company of other criminals.

Details of the assault

The National Police recalled that the occupants of the vehicle indicated were the Sergeant of the National Police, Rogelio Mora Herrera, 30; Hector Garcia Morfe, 35; and Jose Alvarez Sanchez, who were tied up and gagged.

Through a communique, the Police reported that the assailants, according to the complaint, were dressed in military uniforms, with Kevlar vests, and carried pistols and automatic rifles and in addition they had insignia of the J-2 and the National Directorate for Drugs (DNCD).

Source: DiarioLibre

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    Always smelt of an inside job.

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