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There are greater threats to the environment than mining

SANTO DOMINGO. The Minister of Energy and Mining, Pelegrin Castillo, said yesterday that farming in the mountains, the business of wood cutting for cooking and charcoal, the use of pesticides and other chemicals in agricultural products, and the extraction of sand and gravel from river beds around the country constitute a greater threat to the environment than mining. He argued for the country to define a state mining policy and that with this in mind they are holding multi-sector consultations in order to reach a consensus.

Castillo met yesterday with the members of the permanent Maritime Affairs and Energy commissions of the Chamber of Deputies, to whom he explained the actions that he has ready to develop from the Ministry of Energy and Mining in order to achieve the strengthening of the institutionalism and promote reforms in order to update the dispositions according to international requirements.

The official made it clear that the support of the National Congress is necessary for the institution to achieve its objective.

On being questioned by the reporters regarding the feasibility or not of Loma Miranda being exploited, Castillo argued that he could not talk about that issue.

Nonetheless, he emphasized that what is stated in article 17 of the Constitution, in the sensed that the natural resources should be exploited under sustainable environmental criteria, which he feels means the country should be prepared.

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  1. Aleksey

    All the misuse the minister told of, make just collateral harm to the human health, but the smoke form domestic garbage burning, we breath it straight at our home. And nobody cares.

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