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The truth about Armando Casciati

Opinion of Lic. Edgar Lantigua (translated in Google)

It is no secret that the proliferation of prostitution in Sosua affects the image of the town, causing the constant complaint of its citizens and the demand for organized solution to this problem.
The drama of the Dominican Republic is that when a problem continues over time, we call for a solution, “no matter what”. The drama of prostitution in Sosua who grew alarmingly for years, under the indifferent gaze of all authorities now be solved with mechanisms of dubious legitimacy.

We fully agree that prostitution should be taken out of the tourist center of Sosua, so that destination regain as a tourist destination for  families.
It seems that the solution identified by the Attorney General of the Republic, is a loophole that has the Migration Act which provides as follows:

Profiting from prostitution, human trafficking, selling organs, drug trafficking or become addicted to it or encourage its USO. ”

In practice what is done is that under this argument a person can be stripped of having residence and proceeded to deportation. Of course this input has a problem as this is an administrative decision, the prosecutor determines that this is profiting from prostitution, pimping, dedicated to the trafficking and proceeds to remove his residence, void your document immigration and deportation, a court submission is not required, nor the decision of a court of law, just so determined by the prosecutor.

No one doubts the seriousness of the Attorney General, but such decisions that affect the lives of people who have years residing in the country, some with huge investments in the area should be subjected to a legal proceeding made by a court of law and not by an officer, no matter how serious this is.

Needless to say that accroding to this law the foreigners can be accused of pandering BUT not Dominicans – they can not be deported.
The other thing is in past here in Sosua, Cabarete and perhaps in Boca Chica, we have not heard of any deportation of aliens or submission of Dominicans for pimping and trafficking, in Santiago, for example, where I am from the attorney, and some say, I can not say because I have not been, places like Passion, Illusion, on the outskirts of the city, on Twenty Two Hills Mall and others overabundance of women working the old job there.

Needless to say street prostitution around the Plaza Valerio, the Monument to the Heroes of the Restoration, the Caamano Avenue in Puerto Plata or the Centro de los Heroes in the capital.

Reg. the issue of Sosúa most people understand that what should be done is to establish a tolerance, a solution  that would be legal, but  the authorities do not favor this type of solution. The Attorney General of the Republic who has held that position from 2004 to 2006, and now has two years in office, which was National District prosecutor 97 to 2000 and was a senator from 2006 to 2010, ie has been on the side of law enforcement and side draft the law, has had time to find a solution, really sensible, even if this would have involved subjecting the approval of a law to regulate such practices in the country.

Quixotic proposal seeks to eliminate what could not be removed, like religion, or communism, only the most extreme religious fundamentalism has been contained in some places in the world, prostitution is preferred though. Pretender measures frank Inquisition as the deportation of aliens solve the problem is not only unrealistic but also laughable.
Sosúa requires a rational solution of the issue of prostitution.

The most recent case of the Italian businessman Armando Casciati is emblematic of the risks of proceeding decided by Mr. Dominguez Brito, some say with the assent of the same president Danilo Medina.
Entry, deportation arguing pimping contradicts the exception established by the same law 285-04, which states clearly:
“123 can not be ordered Artículo.- deportation or expulsion of the alien under the preceding articles of this law, in the following cases:

B) When hath a lawful, peaceful and continuous in the upper country at age 10, from the corresponding income legal residence. ”

Casciati has over fourteen years living in the country. Major investments Armando Casciati in Sosua, Sosua Bay are the Sosua Bay Convention Center, the tv Network North Coast and other real estate investments today are unproductive by the decline in tourism in Sosúa hotel. Not enough, if the problem was handling its nightclubs Merengue Bar, D’Clase and other property of the employer, such closure after verification of the commission of crimes covered by the Dominican penal code.

What actions will the attorney and the group of entrepreneurs and tourism authorities to promote the inquisition crusade against business owners similar ilk, who are Dominican and can not be deported?
Is this the message we give to international investors coming to the country and invest 20, 30, 40 million in business then do not have the expected return?
Do these actions strengthen the investment climate in the country?

The Dominican Republic has recently released a Constitutional Court, in many places called “Constitutional Rights”, these actions ensure due process, that speaks both the prosecution? Have not been violated in the same fundamental rights of a foreign entrepreneur with substantial investments in the country with more than 10 years “residing legally and peacefully” at home?

Note that we are not making value judgments about allegations against Casciati that have been in the past, simply because he has not been convicted by a court for any of them.

Anyone can be tempted to think that this is part of a plan to, deported from the country, he is forced to sell the substantial investment that has prices “dead cow”.

Modern Inquisition initiated by the prosecutor after consulting with entrepreneurs and tourism authorities in the area, is far from being the solution to the problem of Sosúa.

Any sensible and rational action in that direction would have our support, but not draconian actions.

Read this in Spanish here

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  1. Stocker

    Pretty hard to read due to Google Translate translation, but I agree with the general conclusion. It is not a good solution to throw out foreigners who have made substantial investments here and have contributed a lot to the local economy. It makes it appear that Dominicans are given an unfair advantage to operate with impunity and discourages future investment from abroad, while damaging the lives of many local workers – not all of whom are prostitutes!

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