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The traffic police strikes again

The traffic police (AMET) in SosĂșa is very active in recent weeks, with the apprehension of moped drivers who drive around without valid papers or without a helmet. Also moped drivers who don’t stop at a red light or drive one-way streets the wrong direction are apprehended.
The moped or scooter is confiscated and only after payment of fine gets returned. There are even checks on Sunday mornings. This is unique because the AMET has the habit to be active only during office hours and have a long lunch break. The officers are often located near Super Super liquor store more or less hiding just around the corner to surprise traffic offenders. We also saw that the AMET in alleyways doing checks. In the course of the morning, the truck is loaded with seized mopeds and scooters. That is the signal for the officers to return to office with the loot. So do not hesitate, put your helmet on when you use your moped or scooter, the AMET is everywhere.

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  1. Samson

    One hardly dares cross a green light for fear of a motorcycle bombing along!!

    Coming out of a one way street to turn right, one naturally looks to the left but is confronted by a motor cycle coming straight at you.

    Glad to hear that the Amet is at last tackling these so dangerous problems. Don’t forget the no lights at night, please.

    Sorry guys, you have some work to do.

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