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The Project Ecovillage Yásica – La Boca

CABARETE – . After suffering a prolonged downturn in economic and tourist activities in the areas of Cabarete, Islabon , Sabaneta de Yásica and Veragua , respectively, inhabitants of these places have seen their hopes to revive economic growth with the recent announcement of the new ecotourism project “Ecovillage -la Boca de Yásica “.
So I got to meet dozens of residents of the area surrounding the mouth of the river Yásica , who said they were willing to support the installation of tourist complex to be implemented by the company Dram Endowent SRL which is represented by Mr. Gordon Ganon, who has managed to gain the sympathy of the community , as it has proven that their entrepreneurship is sincerely committed to conservation and environmental balance in the region.
The directors of boards Islabon neighbors , The Lometa Mouth Yásica , Veragua and Caño Dulce, said with the tourism project ” Eco- Town of La Boca Yásica ” people around the coast  can feel their resurgence hopes for progress and development , so they advanced their support for this initiative.
On the back of the Neighborhood of Cabarete , Sabaneta and Veragua trade representatives , entrepreneurs and professionals from all branches operating in that territory , who assured also joined the proposal to develop a tourist hotel compatible with nature and the environment.
The entrepreneur Justin Mella said that tourism and government environmental authorities should provide all necessary facilities to the company represented by Mr. Gordon Ganon , so that it can fully develop the eco tourism project, because it would be the biggest and largest investment of its kind ever recorded around the coastline.
Mr. Gordon Ganon said that this complex is proposed to create over 300 temporary jobs , 125 permanent jobs and create a comprehensive system of community facilities including the adequacy of access roads to the site without privatizing them. The proposed co tourism project is to run at the mouth of the river Yásica includes the construction of a community park , with more than 10 thousand square meters, Restaurants, parking lots, Bar area , BBQ and a pedestrian walkway to the mouth of the river. Finally, Mr Ganon said the Eco – Village of La Boca Yásica , project will be a low density project , since only about 6 villas consisting of two levels each in an area of ​​620 thousand square meters , not including beach areas and mangroves to be jealously guarded and protected , anticipating that under no circumstances be touched mangroves and other surrounding vegetation.

Source: Puerto Plata Digital

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