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The owner of the hardware store Linares in Cabarete sues ADECA

PUERTO PLATA – . Falsely accused of being guilty to assaulting Environment for sand extraction from rivers and beaches in the town, the businessman Ricardo Linares announced that he initiates a libel and slander against the leaders of the Association of Development Cabarete (ADECA ) .
Visibly angry , Ricardo Linares announced to launch a Civil case against the president of the Association of Development Cabarete ( ADECA ): Mr. Michael Gay- Grosier and the entity Francesco de Filippis , as being the perpetrators and responsible  for the false accusations against supposedly destroying the eco system of the area.
The businessman who owns the Hardware store Linares and other companies operating in the North Shore , reacted with surprise to these unhealthy accusations made against him by  Gay- Grosier and  Filippis, the gentlemen from the digital portal ” “, where he was accused of illegally extracting sand from the truck bed of several rivers and beaches of the north coast using for this fraudulent permits.
These allegations were strongly denied by Ricardo Linares who said that their trucks extracted sand of a covered mine due to a legal permit issued by the Ministry of Environment, and Natural Resources.
He clarified that the operation met the requirement of environmental impact study which was conducted by reputable environmental technicians at a cost of 250,000 pesos and that this study certified that the “grancera” mentioned meets all the requirements required by the law 64-00 of Environment and Natural Resources in the Dominican Republic , for which it is operating with all the legal permits and pays a number of taxes to the state for its activities .
There has been an insult and defamation act against the opinions expressed in the media linking their companies and businesses with illegal acts , since all citizens of the Puerto Playa and Cibao region , known to have worked of tenacious and tirelessly for decades with his family, to make their companies what they are today and demonstrated that all extracting actions from rivers or beach material have always been done with permission from the authorities.
The entrepreneur Ricardo Linares said that the last time he bought permits from the Ministry of Environment , on  April 14 and 24, this year for the operation of a mine located in the community of Pata de Gallina, Cuesta Barrosa located in District Municipal Sabaneta de Yásica , which is duly authorized by the said ministry of the state and that it is located more than 600 meters from the bed of the Rio Yásica duly supervised by the environmental technicians that work on private property planted to bananas.
Finally , the recognized businessman said he was committed to the best interests of the community and never would act to damage natural resources, so he said to these fallacies issued against Michael Gay- Grosier and Francesco de Filippis , his whole family feel affected because apparently these guys have a vested interest in perjudícalo and is for these reasons that will go to the courts as he feels slandered and reviled without any legal basis or reason.

Source: Puerto Plata Digital

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