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The Sosua’s old mine can be a solution to flooding

Recently Mayor Ilana Neumann ordered the company Tractor Del Norte to clean the bed of the river Sosúa. The company Tractor Norte scooped tons of sand and garbage from the streams with heavy equipment. Thanks to this, the rivers don’t burst their banks during heavy rains and the houses built along the shore, can’t be flooded or washed away. But there still more flooding in Sosúa. After heavy rainstorms the streets are filled with water for many hours and are barely passable for traffic. This usually occurs at the same spots in El Batey. At the liquor store “Super Super” and near the City Hall, the water stands knee high after a rainstorm. Also at the intersection at Hotel Europa the water is high and it is impossible for mopeds to pass. The problem is that Sosúa is situated downhill, and the water flows from the hills down into Sosúa. The road from museum Castillo Mundo King besides the police station is the biggest culprit. When it rains water flows down this road like a river into El Batey.
There is a solution for this problem. Fifty meters behind Hotel Europa in the main street Pedro Clisante behind the car rental company there is an old caliche mine. This is the first and oldest caliche mine in Sosúa, with a size of at least 2,500 square meters and a depth of at least four meters. All the rainwater and sewage is discharged into this mine. But the mine is silted. The top is covered with an impermeable layer of mud and garbage half a meter thick. The mine can now only absorb a limited amount of water. The mayor had already commissioned to partially remove this impenetrable layer of mud so that water can flow into the mine. When the firm with heavy machinery arrived at the mine, the owner of the land stopped the work. He wants to sell the land, but in the meantime everyone should stay away from the premises. The mayor had no other choice than to retreat. The municipality of Sosua for now doesn’t have sufficient funds to purchase the old mine and so the residents of Sosúa remain plagued by flooding.

Source: Sosua News

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