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The “New Barquita” will be ready in 2016

SANTO DOMINGO. Achieving the “social transformation” of the residents of the sector called “La Barquita de los Mina”-in the municipality of East Santo Domingo-an area highly vulnerable to flooding from the Ozama River, is the purpose of presidential decree 16-13 which orders its relocation.

This was repeated by the president of the Commission for the Relocation of La Barquita, Jose Miguel Gonzalez Cuadra, who, during his participation in the Dialogo Libre (Free Dialogue), the program of interviews sponsored by the Diario Libre, assured the journalists that the whole project of “La Nueva Barquita” will be finished between April and May of 2016.

In this sense, he recalled that the project, located in the sector of La Javilla, Sabana Perdida, in the municipality of North Santo Domingo, includes besides housing, a church, a polytechnic, a school, a preschool, a police station, civil defense, Fire Department, a technology center, a cockfighting arena, among other facilities. The businessman explained that as soon as the financing of the project is finalized, they will transfer some 1,800 families to an equal number of apartments

“It (the project) is not concentrated is solving the issue of housing. Here the concern of this Commission is to achieve the social transformation of these people. It is a social aspect, which is the one in which we are concentrating, in order for them to be able to sustain themselves in the future, and that they may be assisted in obtaining abilities which they may now have and that in the future they do not live only from government handouts,” he stressed.

Second Stage: Rescue La Barquita

As a way to make sure that they to not return and establish human settlements in La Barquita de Los Mina, which in the judgment of the president of the Resettlement Commission is a complex problem, they will clean up five creeks, that empty into this slum, in order to then construct a park and a polytechnic.

This is part of the second stage of the project. Gonzalez Cuadra pointed out that they are continuing conversations with the authorities of Loyola Polytechnic Institute and the Salesian Polytechnic Institute, with the idea that one of these educational institutions will direct the new center, which will prepare students in technical fields.

Likewise, he said that the intention of the Dominican Olympic Committee is to construct an athletic track. “We are in talks because the park needs to be used.”

Regarding the construction of the Polytechnic, Domingo Contreras, a member of the Commission and liaison for the Executive Branch with the City Governments, stressed that the young people will have the opportunity to choose a technical profession, which to his way of thinking will permit their insertion into the job market.

Challenge for Commission

For the businessman, the challenge for the Commission is to achieve that “La Nueva Barquita” is an example of social transformation, so that the government wants to continue with this sort of projects in the future in other slums that exist in the same sort of vulnerability.

Barquita North will not be forgotten

Decree 16-13 also orders the relocation of the sector called La Barquita de Sabana Perdida, in the municipality of North Santo Domingo. Gonzalez Cuadra commented that this situation of vulnerability will be dealt with and resolved.

“First we have to consolidate what is La Barquita (Los Mina), which is what is today the most complex, and in the next few months we are scheduled to meet with them (Barquita Norte),” he said.

Two census: renters and homeowners

In the Barquita de Los Mina they carried out two census: one of the renters and another of the owners of the housing.

Nevertheless, the priority is the first, according to Gonzalez Cuadra, because these are the people most affected by living in an area vulnerable to flooding.

At the present time, he said, they are in the process of verifying the number of families and the conditions in which they live, in order to make sure those that were counted in the census are the ones that should be relocated in 2016.

Agreement with owners

“We have the census of the property owners. Then we now have to filter, and this is what we are beginning to do, and the idea is that we are going to have to reach an agreement with them,” he specified.

In this sense, he added that there are also colmado (small market), beauty parlor and other business owners that “we will be seeing one by one.”

They will pay rent for maintenance

With the idea of maintaining the project, once relocated in “La Barquita Nueva”, the residents will have to pay the administration of the housing project the same amount of rent that they paid in their old homes.

“Then the idea is that this income will contribute to the maintenance of La Nueva Barquita, and afterwards come the other conditions and a series of requirements which we are going to impose,” the president of the Relocation Commission pointed out.

In this vein, he said that the administration of “La Nueva Barquita” will be under the charge of a mixed administrative corps, composed of the community and the state.

“They are going to be paying rent and the idea is that this rent that they will be paying, they are paying today. There are going to be many things in condominium that have to be maintained,” he pointed out.

Source: DiarioLibre

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