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The Ministry of Education spent RD$624 million on vehicles

SANTO DOMINGO. Even without their being covered in the initial budget, the Ministry of  Education spent last year RD$624,373,620 on the acquisition of motor vehicles.

The expenditure is part of the program of central activities of the Ministry, for which is set apart RD$12.6 billion of the RD$99.6 billion assigned to the ministry by the government and that are equal to the 4% of the GDP demanded by the people.

The acquisition of the vehicles was within the framework, according to the details in the budget, of the activities for checking the performance and the effectiveness of the primary and secondary schools across the country.

According to a public tender announced by the Ministry of Education last October, the ministry would acquire 140 twin-cab pickups, 10 vans for 15 passengers, 10 small 30 passenger buses, 25 SUVs (2014 models), and two forklifts. The tender also called for bids on 50 motorcycles, and 20 slightly larger buses for 35 passengers, all required to be 2012 or 2013 models.

The public tender was amended in November, and in place of 140 pickups, they asked for 160, and the SUVs were increased from 25 to 35, The 35 to 45 passenger buses were increased from 20 to 40. They also added 10 trucks with 16 foot beds and five with 21 foot beds. The motorcycles and forklifts were not changed.

Among other expenses not covered initially was what the Ministry spent on publicity, which ended up spending RD$53 million.

It will be recalled that the publicity of the ministries is covered in the expenses of the Central Government, so that this is an additional amount.

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